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Things to Remember While Having Refreshments for a 10×10 Booth Display

With so many exhibit systems to visit, the attendees are bound to get tired, hungry, and thirsty. So why not attract attendees to your show booth by offering them refreshments?

Refreshment counters not only focus on hospitality, but they also make the trade show exhibit look warm and welcoming. Moreover, it helps create the impression that your brand has put thought into making the attendees feel comfortable.

Here are 8 things you need to know if you plan on having refreshments in your 10×10 booth display.

  • Catering Fees

Depending on the number of items, the catering fees will vary accordingly. However, given how many people will be attending the trade show, the amount of food you need will also vary. This is why is best if you try to negotiate the price. If there can’t be any negotiations, try to look for any other services they can offer.

  • Payment Method

Another important aspect you need to take into account is the payment method or if you are going to hand them out for free. While it is common for packaged snacks like chips, cookies, baked goods, etc., to be handed out for free, charging a small amount won’t do any harm.

However, if you plan on having made-to-order foods, charging the attendees might be the best possible solution to cover the cost, given the staff’s charges and amount of ingredients used. This brings us to the main point. How do you accept the payment?

Rather than a cash payment, that might hold up the line, thus crowding the 10×10 booth display, card payments or even online transactions might quicken up the process.

  • Refreshment Counter Spacing and Layout

Your trade show exhibit design plays an important role in deciding how your refreshment counter will be like. Do you want a counter display where people simply pick up the items? Do you want catering staff to make the order? How much space will you need for the refreshment counter? All these questions must be answered.

Keep in mind that your refreshment counter is not the highlight of your exhibit stand, so it must not overpower the other booth elements.

  • Seating Arrangements

Since you have a 10×10 booth display, there isn’t much space for your to have a seating arrangement. So, to still provide the attendees a comfortable space, you have a few tables.

If you do choose to have a seating arrangement, there is a subtle yet effective way to get attendees to know about your brand and its products without approaching them. The seats must be placed in such a way that they face the product demonstration or other presentation.

  • Branded Packaging

Another subtle way to make your brand stand out is by having branded packaging. The brand logo makes the refreshments feel exclusive and subtly reinforces the brand in the attendee’s minds as they might glance down before taking a bite.

Since not every attendee will stay inside the trade show booth to eat the refreshments, they will move about the trade show. If you have branded your packaging, other attendees will want to know about the refreshments and would be directed to your exhibit.

  • Extra Refreshments

Remember, extra refreshments will be an extra expense. Moreover, it will increase your transportation, storage, and sales tax. So it’s best to have an estimate of how many attendees you are expecting and have maybe 20% more food than the estimate to be on the safe side.

  • Opt for Ready to Eat or Made to Order

You must choose between having ready-to-eat options like sandwiches, packaged juice, chips, baked goods, or made-to-order ones.

We recommend ready-to-eat meals as they lower the risk of any food spoiling or dietary restrictions. Moreover, they can be easily transported and don’t take too long to set up. Made-to-order meals will take up time to prepare, set up, and clean up. Furthermore, it might cost you more.

  • Staff Refreshments

Like the attendees, your staff is also bound to get tired and hungry. Rather than having them wait in line for lunch service or even bring their own food or order some, ask the caterers to make some for them too.

If you want you can open the counter for staff from other trade show exhibits displays too!

We hope this article will help you plan the refreshments for your 10×10 booth display. Given how tough the competition is among various trade show exhibits displays, every exhibitor tries to outdo other exhibits. However, by providing food and comfortable seating you are effortlessly promoting your brand.

Tip of the Day: Place the refreshment counter at the back of the booth so that the attendees have to walk through the product display. While sparing a glance, the products might catch their eye.

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming trade show event, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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