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Why You Must Use a Trade Show Booth Backdrop During a Trade Show

The trade show backdrops are the best item to include when organizing exhibition events as they can make your brand stand out. They add a certain feel to the show booth where they are built, transforming an otherwise ordinary space into a unique setting. 

Therefore, you need a backdrop that represents your brand and sends your message to your prospects. A great backdrop is a key part of any trade show event where your company will be present as an exhibitor. Here is the importance of the trade show booth backdrop.

  • Backdrop Represents your Business

In trade shows, the backdrop is a graphic representation of your company—the very thing that will draw attendees to your show booth. For trade show events, they help set the scene and make guests feel welcome.

Also, a new business requires a lot of attention. A great way to boost the visibility of your stand booth is by using an awesome trade show booth backdrop. A well-put designed backdrop will draw the attention of the audience. This will surely help in marketing your product. 

  • Add Value to Your Booth

Just like well-colored walls increase the appeal of your property, the backdrop boosts the appeal of your trade show exhibit. Backdrops are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors. 

You can have your backdrop in any color and shape you like to make it more appealing for your audience. Paired with a few extra features your show booth’s look will be instantly enhanced and won’t fail to attract visitors.

  • Help In Marketing Your Brand 

The use of a booth backdrop is a great form of marketing your brand. For newly-established businesses who are still trying to make their place in the market, a trade show booth backdrop can help you a lot. 

Participating in a trade show will help you get exposure. But attracting visitors is even more important. This is why using backdrops will make your trade show booth more aesthetic. Branding your logo all over the backdrop will help introduce your brand to those who aren’t aware of it and will help reinforce it.

  • Create a Lasting Impression

Well-built trade show booths can help you create a permanent impression in the potential customer’s minds long after the trade show is ended. A well-rounded booth with catchy displays, contest opportunities, and carefully chosen promotional items will draw and keep the attention of visitors.

You can continue engaging with attendees after the trade show is over by getting them to connect with you via social media. A face-to-face meeting can easily lead to continued online meetings even when the show is over.

  • Inexpensive Way of Advertising

The more advanced the mode of advertising is, the more expensive will it be. While other forms of marketing can hold back small companies like yours, using backdrops is still one of the cheapest methods out there. Even if you outsource the design of your backdrop and let the local digital print shops do the job for you, it still costs cheaper than advertising on a TV or radio.

  • Easy to Update with Changing Marketing Needs

Trade show booth backdrop is built keeping longevity and repeated use in mind. So, you can use them many times in different locations. Therefore even if your marketing and promotional needs will change, you don’t need to design a new display every time. Trade show backdrops come with the option of easy updates.   

You can swap out the graphics as your promotional messages change. This is even possible if you’re exhibiting for several days at the same trade show.

Backdrops focus on both functionality and visual appearance. With vivid graphics, the right shapes and sizes, and compelling brand messages, you can create effective trade show backdrops, while staying within the budget.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Having your backdrop appearing on several websites strengthens your brand. Few companies use this form of marketing. Therefore, it will make your brand familiar to those who have never heard of your business.

They also alert your consumers to the great products you have. When people interact with this content they learn about your company.

  • Lightweight and Versatile

The trade show backdrops can be quickly folded and packed away into an easy-to-carry bag, ensuring the convenience of setting up and packing away. 

For being lightweight, backdrops are preferred by many companies. They can be easily set up, transported, and stored. These are designed in such a way that changes can easily be integrated into them and can be reconfigured according to the type and space required for an event.  Therefore, they can be used in different events ranging from trade fairs, conventions, sales meetings, trade show exhibitions, and much more.

Exhibiting is one of the best ways to get in front of your target market. Considering the expenses of even one trade show, you need to make a good impression from the get-go. Depending on your product, your trade show booth should portray your values correctly. 

Therefore your exhibition booth needs to have a great trade show booth backdrop. For more information about booth backdrops, contact us today.

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