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Why Colour Palette is Important for Your Trade Show Booth

The world is a spectrum of colors, which in one way or another, compliments everything surrounding us. The simple contrast of colors helps bring out a certain object or tricks our eyes into focusing on certain things. You can ask any artist, and they will tell you how important color is for a painting. 

Similarly, trade show design companies, pay attention to colors that suit the brand well, and are eye-catching to attract attendees. Lack of aesthetics in a trade booth gives the impression that the company is only concerned about making sales. Also, it shows that the customer experience is not the priority. 

Here is a list of how choosing the right color palette can enhance your trade show booth.

  • Brand Colors

The color of your brand’s logo is your identity. Just like red and yellow reminds one of McDonald’s, your brand color should immediately remind the customers of your company. This is why integrating your brand colors in your trade show design will garner you an audience. For example, if your brand color is olive green, incorporate it into the booth banner or the free goodies. This is because people are more likely to remember a brand by its color or mascot. 

  • One Color, Many Shades

A single color for your booth design may come across as monotonous. Although it may catch a few eyes, their attention might deviate if there nothing more than visually stimulates them. If you want to stick to one color for your trade show booth, don’t limit yourself to just that one color. Use complimenting shades of the same color to give depth and dimension to your exhibition booth. If you are going to use purple as the base color, use its shades, violet, lavender, violet-blue, or even blue and white. Using a wide range of shades gives the show booth more character and aesthetically appealing. 

  • Warm Color or Cool Color

Another important aspect is choosing the right tone of colors. People perceive things with their senses and at a trade show, their eyes perceive the booths before actually touching any products. The right tone sets the atmosphere of your trade show booth. If the atmosphere of your trade booth matches with your brand’s ideology and products, it will instantly give the impression that the company has put thought into what represents their brand the best. 

If you are displaying an eco-friendly range of shower gels, you should go for cooler colors since they make one feel refreshed, cool, and clean as they are associated with water and greenery. Using warmer colors will throw off the attendees as the colors give a warm and cozy vibe. This in contrast to refreshing shower gels will make their senses go haywire and confuse them. This would lead to a low footfall in your exhibition booth

  • Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are used to highlight certain colors or objects. If your products are navy blue, then a pale pink trade show design will make the products pop. But if your trade show display products are white and your booth is also of the same color, everything is going to blend into one. Attendees standing far away won’t be able to tell what you are showcasing. If you do for an all-black or all while booth, you can still make it work. Using AV, living walls, and LED tiles, you can add in colors to make the trade show booth walls stand out. This will instantly catch the attendee’s eyes, as it is the only colorful thing that is moving or 3D. 

  • Accents 

In the art world, the accent is that contrasting color that is used to highlight the color palette. If you want to draw attention to certain aspects of your trade show booth, using accents is the way to go. The way accents work is that the majority of your exhibition booth is comprised of one color and the accents make up for a small portion of it. For example, if your booth has beige for the majority of it, a peach accent will make it pop. With a monotonous color, the accent drives attention to it making the trade booth seem bigger and more interesting. Using accent colors for the trade show shelves, furniture and counters will make the booth stand out.

The colors of a trade show booth can increase or decrease the footfall. The right color palette goes a long way in attracting attendees as make the company look aesthetically sound. A dull or monotonous trade booth offers no visual stimulus which gives the impression that the company has lazily put together a booth for the sake of it. 

Attendee entertainment and customer satisfaction don’t end with communication. Providing a good and appealing booth shows that the company is interested in creating a good customer relation. 

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