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What Activities to Include in your Trade Show Exhibit

At a trade show, the first objective of any exhibitor is to bring in attendees to their booth. From eye-catching exhibit banners to strategically placed booth displays to well-trained, a company will include everything that they can to catch the visitor’s eyes. 

What if you have all of this at your trade show booth and you are still not meeting your targets? The reason why the footfall is less is that nothing is engaging enough to highlight your booth amongst other trade show stands

The solution? Included activities and games in your booth. Make people want to stay in your booth. When the time is right, swoop in and brief them about your trade show exhibit displays

You can include the following activities in your trade show stands for the upcoming trade show

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR)

If you have a high budget a VR and AR will help you stand out amongst other trade show stands. The hi-tech gives the impression that the company is up-to-date with the latest trends. This can be used to explain the products and provide a virtual experience for the same.

You can install video walls that are connected to the VR to show what the person is seeing. This becomes interesting for both the person using the device and the bystanders.  

Since they take up a considerable amount of space, a customized booth is advisable as it gives you the liberty to design and plan the layout.

  • Photo Op

This is the social media age. Whenever people attend an event there is a high chance that they will post about it on their social media account. Take advantage of this tendency. 

Following the brand and the trade show exhibit’s theme, create a buzz among the attendees by providing them with props and fun backgrounds to take photos. You can also make a personalized hashtag for the event and ask the attendees to use it while posting the photos. This way your brand is being marketed without any extra cost!

  • Demonstrating Your Products 

If you have any trade show exhibit displays that can be demonstrated, allow people to do the same. While people use your products you can ask your staff to brief them about its features and help them out. 

When other attendees will see that your exhibition booth is allowing product demonstration, there will automatically be an increase in the footfall. 

  • Games

From an attendee’s perspective, a trade show is an informative event. However, they also look forward to getting freebies, win prizes, and participating in games. To attract attendees to your trade show booth, you can game like trivia quizzes, spin the wheel, raffles, scratch-off cards, and so on.

You can customize the game equipment with your brand’s logo to reinforce the company’s name.

  • DIY Projects 

While games are a fun way to attract people, they can sometimes be too loud. So an alternative to this is DIY projects. 

Create small art projects like drawing, painting, sculpting, etc., for attendees. Customize the supplies with the brand logo or even implement the logo or mascot into the artwork. 

As people will post about the art on their social media, your exhibition booth is being marketed too.

  • Attendee Survey

While attendees might wander around your booth display, they might leave without giving you any contact details. A quick and fun way to collect information for follow-ups, market research, etc is through surveys. 

These surveys don’t have to be a questionnaire. Dedicating a wall of the exhibition booth for post-it note feedback, touch screen, etc make the process fun and seem less of a task.

  • Hospitality

Activities aren’t the only way to garner footfall to your exhibition booth. You can also set up trade show counters and provide refreshments to the attendees who visit your booth. After all, everyone loves free food. Having drinks like hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and snacks like cookies and muffins create a sense of warmth and make the brand seem thoughtful. Create a warm atmosphere around such trade show counters as warmth makes people feel closer. 

We hope this article helped you get an idea of what activity will help you enhance your trade show exhibit.

While preparing to participate in a trade show, your company’s focus should not be limited to gaining leads and increasing sales. To create a long-term relationship with your customers and turn attendees into customers, providing them a good experience is essential. While an attractive trade show booth will bring in visitors, you need to provide them something engaging to build their interest. Thus, companies opt for activities and games to do the same. 

Tip of the Day: Have different trade show counters for all the activities that you will conduct at your trade show booth will keep your exhibit organized and prevent crowding.  

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