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Ways to Ensure Attendee Data Security for your Upcoming Trade Show

Gone are the days when companies had to maintain stacks of files to collect attendee data at the trade show event. Now, trade show booth staff use various apps and software to collect data. 

Trade show events become a pool of data wherein all kinds of sensitive information is exchanged. Thus, there is a high chance of cybercrime wherein data is leaked and misused. Therefore, as attendees give their personal details to various exhibit systems at the trade show event, it is the responsibility of the companies to ensure that no one hacks into their system and misuses the data.

So for your trade show booth set up for an upcoming trade show, here are 8 ways to ensure attendee data security 

  • Physical Security

One of the most important aspects of your trade show exhibit is your booth design. The layout of the booth must prevent any outsiders from accessing the electronic devices or papers containing the contact details of the attendees. The trade show counters for collecting data must not be left unattended and documents containing any personal details must be kept away from any prying hands.

One way to ensure such security is having a customized booth as it allows you to decide the layout and design. 

  • Train the Staff

Your trade show booth staff are responsible for everything that happens at the trade show. This includes ensuring that the personal details of the attendees don’t fall in the wrong hands. Exhibitors must educate their show booth staff about the data security policies and steps to carry out in case of any data breach. This training also extends to any third party that is given access to the personal information. 

  • Limited Access

At the show booth, not everyone at the trade show exhibit needs to have access to the contact details. Assign certain people with the task of collecting data. This will limit access and protect the data from any outsiders or unwanted insiders. 

Make sure that you set up an access pin or password so that only certain people can go through the contact details. 

  • Invest in Software Technology

While your staff will physically prevent people from accessing the collected data, the same level of security is required in the space wherein the data is stored. This is why as a company is integral that you invest in high-quality software technology. 

The software is not only to prevent any data breach but also to ensure you are storing your data in an authentic and trusted digital space. 

  • Follow the GDPR Rules

If you are exhibiting at a trade show in Europe, you have to follow the GDPR rules laid down by the European Union. However, even if you are exhibiting in any other part of the world, it is always beneficial to follow the GRPR rules to ensure data security. 

  • Back-Up Collected Data

Despite all your safety measures and software, there is always a chance of a data breach. This is why it is essential for any company participating in a trade show to back up the collected data. Backing up data prevents a complete loss of data in case the information gets stolen.

  • Install VPN

VPN ( Virtual Private Network) protects your data by encrypting all the activities from hackers. As a trade show is a hub for all kinds of information it is necessary to make sure the data is protected from hackers. This is why, as trade show organizers, you must provide a VPN along with the WiFi. If the trade show planners do not provide you with a VPN, as a company you must purchase one for your trade show booth set up

  • Increase Security in Devices 

With so many people moving in and out of the trade show exhibit, it is very easy for someone to access the show booth staff’s electronic devices if their wavers. This is why it is essential to increase the security of these devices. This includes passwords to unlock the devices, access pins to open the apps, updated software, and much more. 

We hope this article will help you prevent any data leaks for your upcoming trade show. Attendees at your trade show booth share their personal data with hopes to further establish business with your company. Given the increasing cybercrimes and data leaks that companies suffer from, it is your company’s duty to protect the personal information of the attendees. 

Moreover, a data breach puts the company’s image at risk and will make potential leads feel hesitant about engaging with your brand. 

Tip of the Day: At the trade show booth set up, collect the minimum amount of personal data from the attendees. Choose a communication channel for your to follow up and collect data only for that. The more data you collect the stricter security you need to protect it. 

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