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Ways to Display Products at your Trade Show Booth

When you remove all the glitz and glamour at a trade show, it all comes down to the trade show display products. At the end of the day, selling these products to increase leads is the ultimate goal of every exhibitor. This is why the display products for trade show events are the highlight of the show booth

You might think that setting up a counter or installing a few shelves is enough to display your products. But did you know there are various ways to highlight these trade show display products? Rather than simply placing them on trade show counters, here are 7 ways to display products at your trade show booth

  • Mount Your Display Products

With so much happening at a trade show, exhibitors only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention. Although a horizontal display on the trade show counters might catch the attention of attendees nearby, what about the one far away?

People are more interested in what you are selling, so show them just that. Mount your products on the trade show shelf display so that people from afar can also see what you are exhibiting. Use eye-catching trade show graphics, video walls, living walls, etc., to add to the aesthetic appeal. 

  • Let the Lights Shine 

One of the most crucial aspects of a trade show booth is the lighting. While having a well-lit show booth is important, the star of the show is the products. 

Make sure your lighting is not the same throughout the trade show set up as it washes out the booth and fails to highlight certain aspects. Use a dimmer light for the rest of your show booth as compared to the lighting for your products. 

Some common lighting used in a trade show booth are spotlights, LEDs, architectural lighting, etc. 

  • Build a Set 

The best way to showcase your products without live demonstrations is to place them in their natural habitat. Now, we don’t mean a jungle but an environment wherein it would be commonly used. Dedicate a small section of your show booth to this set. Use props, the trade show display products, graphics, etc to make it look realistic. 

  • Incorporate Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are a crowd favorite. One, it offers sensory engagement which includes more than just the visuals. Moreover, it allows the visitors to try out the products before buying them. This creates an impression the trade show display products are not gimmicky. 

Also, seeing other people try out your products, attendees passing by your trade show booth might also come in and do the same. 

  • Use AV Displays

AV (Audio and Visual) Displays is the most eye-catching way to attract attendees. Use this technology to your advantage. Dedicate a small section of the trade show booth walls to the video walls, TV screens, touch screens, LCD displays, LED panels, and so on.

AV displays provide a visual stimulus as compared to standard trade show booth that relies only on their display products and staff. When passers-by see a video playing in your show booth, there is a high chance that they will stop and watch the whole thing. Thus, include aesthetic videos that highlight your products, demonstrations, etc to exhibit your display products. 

  • Install Kiosks

If you have a small show booth, rather than dedicating large amounts of space to providing information about the trade show display products, install kiosks. Line them up near the display products and urge the staff to ask attendees to use them for more information. This way you can focus on highlighting the products and have ample space in the show booth for people to walk around.

Kiosks are especially beneficial if you are exhibiting in more than one trade show event and have portable booths. 

  • Get a Professional on Board

Planning a trade show is not an easy task, especially when it comes to booth design and installing other things lights, fixtures, shelves, and so on. 

A team of professionals will take of all these things, from the lighting to the trade show booth walls. Now all you need to do is work on presenting the display products and attracting leads.

We hope this article helped you learn the different ways in which the display products can be highlighted at your trade setup.

The trade show display products are the reason why your company has set up a show booth. However, do not let the marketing tactics and other activities sideline the main purpose of exhibiting. A successful trade show booth is one that saw an increase in sales, not just a crowded booth. 

Tip of the Day: Make sure your trade show booth staff is well informed about all the products and their features. Also, the staff must attend and guide the attendees through the display products for trade show events. 

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