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Ways to Get the Staff Noticed at a Trade Show

If the staff at the exhibition booth are skilled, your brand’s participation at a trade show is a success, even with an average designed trade show booth. Making a good impression on visitors can do wonders for your company and boost your brand image. 

Here are some ways an exhibition booth staff can get noticed at a trade show:

  • Dress for the Event

You surely won’t wear party pants and a BTS t-shirt at a business conference. Similarly, you won’t want your staff at the trade show pop-ups. When you are a company sending in a team representing your brand, make sure they’re dressed for the event. Inform the staff about the dress code and make sure they match. Follows certain colors or a type of clothing to make them stand out.  

  • NO to Mobile

Even though it is a trade show set up, your staff is in a professional environment. Ask them to keep their mobiles aside. Being on your mobile will give an impression of the staff being uninterested in conversing with visitors. If that happens, then even the most attractive exhibit banners and trade show displays won’t be able to save your brand’s image. In short, it comes across as rude and unprofessional to both the customers and fellow competitors. 

  • Lunch Breaks 

From making sure the trade show booth builders construct the booth properly to answering the customer’s queries. This is surely a stressful event and there’s nothing like a lunch break. Spending hours with customers at the trade show displays will naturally make the staff hungry. However, make sure they don’t eat in the exhibit display. Eat before or after the event. 

  • Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is a big factor. Be it in terms of your own house or an exhibition booth. When you are in the trade show set-up, keep your booth clean. An untidy booth means an unorganized booth. Customers will surely think about the way you keep your surroundings while visiting your booth. Make sure you keep removing the trash on a timely basis.  

Regardless of what happens, don’t forget the main purpose of the trade show. Make sure you keep your brand’s success and goals in mind while approaching potential customers.

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