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Generating Leads At A Trade Show

The main goal of any company when taking part in a trade show as an exhibitor is that it turns out to be a complete success. Getting leads increases our exhibition ROI and that is why it’s vital to plan and take action accordingly to get leads via a trade show exhibit.

Here are some ways to get leads at a trade show:

  • Market Your Trade Show Participation Adequately 

Naturally, your chances of getting leads at a trade show are determined by the number of people who visit your show booth. It’s obvious that the larger the number of people who visit the trade show stands, the larger is the chance of getting positive leads. So the best possible way is to inform people beforehand and even send out some invites to add a personal touch. For this, marketing the event on all social media platforms and official websites will create a wider outreach. This, in addition to any traditional form of advertisement, will further increase the number of audiences. Be sure to make your trade show participations an integral part of your email signatures and email marketing. 

  • Have a Knowledge Sharing Approach Rather than a Sales Focused One

When you set up a trade show exhibit there is one basic thing you must consider: not everyone is here to buy. So, your sole focus shouldn’t be on selling, instead, try to educate them about your brand, its philosophy, products, its uniqueness, and why they should trust you. A clear way to briefly introduce them to your brand without approaching you is using  an eye-catching booth banner. They must be relevant to the exhibit and informative about the product/service. Don’t make the common mistake of crowding your stand with too much information, keep it clutter free and easy to read.  

 If you have any products, make sure the trade booth display is placed at the front of the exhibit. This will garner more audience as they are likely to stop and view a product on display. Additionally, the trade show booth walls shouldn’t be placed such that they completely block the view of the attendees. If you have more than 1 event to attend, make sure to use a portable display for easy assembling and dismantling. 

  • Use Social Media To Promote Your Booth and Also Within Your Booth

Social media may not be a direct way of selling your products. But it can prove to be a brilliant way of advertising your brand and letting people know about your participation at a trade show exhibit. You can also get in touch with some of your customers directly, send them invitations. These things help your brand grow and make people aware of your brand. Before the event, post pictures and videos about the exhibit. Trade show exhibit companies designing your stall will also help you market it. Additionally, following the theme as that your booth banner will help people familiarize themselves with the brand.  

  • Follow Up With Every Prospect After the Event

The most important thing to do in a trade show exhibit is following up with the leads after. Getting leads and following up should be your objective. This is when they turn into customers.  You should plan your follow-up in such a way that doesn’t seem jarring. Follow-ups are a great way to gain customers as it shows you care about them and want to create a business relationship. You could do this by sending an email with the trade show banner design.

These are some of the lead generating tips that are surely going to get you leads and turn them into your customers. Remember, trust is what people look for while choosing a brand and that’s why your aim should be at winning their trust.

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