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Understanding the Technological Needs of Your Exhibitors and Attendees

The event planners of an upcoming trade show have many things to organize. Technology has become an integral part of these events. Thus, trade show planners have proper knowledge of the technological needs of the exhibit systems and the attendees. More importantly, they should coordinate with the trade show companies to make sure they are met. 

Here are some ideas that will help you understand the technology needs:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi

WiFi is a must-have for any event. An exhibition booth needs Wi-Fi for several reasons. From coordinating with their company to showing the workings of a product. Providing a safe, secure wi-fi connection is a must for the trade show planners. Collecting information about the number of attendees that are going to be present, and the expected wifi range that will be required for that purpose. 

  • Implementing Event Apps

Most of the attendees are going to bring more than one device to the trade show. You need to know about the type of event apps that should be implemented that will enhance their experience. You can add navigator apps, live polling for the trade show set up, and speaker bios that will elevate their experience.

  • Give Exhibitors Valuable Intel

To make sure that the exhibitors put up a trade show booth for the next show and also help them extend their business, provide them with valuable intel. This will help increase the value of your trade show as well. 

Just like a 20×20 trade show booth is different from a 10×10 booth, so are their technological needs. Pairing the right technology with your exhibitors should start early by emphasizing your willingness to explore new ideas and share valuable attendee data. Consider pitching new technology to potential exhibitors and find out if specific needs are shared by a vast majority.

From having the right display banner to the right booth display, exhibitors have numerous things to plan. Understanding and meeting the exhibitor’s and attendee’s technological needs are very essential. Failing to do so might not only ruin the experience of the exhibitors and attendees but also harm your trade show.

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