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Understanding Customer Psychology and its Impact on your Trade Show Exhibit

At trade show events it is not surprising to see some booths struggling to gain leads while a certain exhibit stand has a crowd lining up near theirs. Ever wondered why is that? Simple, the latter has invested in studying their customers and target audience to find out what will impress the attendees. 

Even with the best trade show exhibit companies coming up with the fanciest trade show exhibit design, it will all go waste if your staff’s interaction with the attendees fails to grab their attention and persuade them. 

Here is how understanding customer psychology can impact your trade show exhibit

  • Create Stories to Evoke Emotions

While it may seem like a rational decision, more often than not, our buying patterns and tendencies at a trade show are a result of the emotions we feel at that moment. The stand booth staff must work around creating a narrative that will make the attendee feel like they need the product. 

Some common ways in which these narratives or stories appeal to the attendee’s emotions are live product demonstrations, video walls, an interactive trade show booth, kiosks, and much more.

Moreover, you can do background research on the attendees to know their expertise, interests, and consumer behavior. 

  • Exhibit Stand Staff’s Behavior

At the exhibit stand, your staff is the representative of your company, which is why their behavior needs to be nothing short of professional. The attendees will consciously or unconsciously judge your staff’s behavior; their non-verbal gestures like eye contact, posture, attentiveness, hand movement, expressions, and much more are all under scrutiny. 

If the attendees feel welcomed in the trade show booth, they will be interested in looking a what you have to offer. However, if the staff seems disinterested, the attendee will simply walk out of the show booth

  • Stand Booth Engagement

The reason why you are exhibiting at a trade show is to connect with potential leads, existing customers, industry professionals, and your competition. This is why interaction with your target audience is essential. From having a customized booth to installing the latest technology for better interaction, the main goal is to engage with the attendee. 

  • Take Advantage of Giveaways/Promotional Items

As human beings, we tend to return the favor of doing something good when the same is done to us. Use this tendency to your advantage. 

Everyone loves free things and one way in which many booths try to make themselves memorable is by handing out giveaways. When you give the attendees a promotional item such as a mug, USB drive, journal, webcam cover, etc., it creates a sense of loyalty as the attendees might want to return the favor by trying out your products. However, if these promotional items must be innovative and must not the same every year as it might lose the attendee’s attention. 

If you do want to give out giveaways, discount coupons and gift cards are a popular choice to make the attendees feel special. 

  • Booth Design

Your booth design plays an important role in attracting attendees. Moreover, it also sets the perception of your brand. If your stand booth seems too enclosed with no obvious space to enter, attendees will find it unwelcoming. Choosing the right color palette is also essential in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Also, the interactivity of the show booth makes your brand seem more interesting. This will give the impression that you have invested in making the attendee experience memorable. 

  • Social Proof

People believe people. Why is that? There are several reasons. One, it makes the product seem more authentic, non-gimmicky and creates a sense of assurance about the quality. When people are not familiar with your brand, it is their human tendency to rely on these proofs to confirm that your products are good. Thus, these become an influential source of information. 

Some popular ways in which a show booth incorporates social proof is by having the trade show backdrop display a video of testimonials, certified publications and reviews on banners, and much more. 

We hope this article helped you understand how customers and attendees perceive your trade show exhibit. 

So, although you may have a customized booth with an attractive trade show booth design and some fancy show displays, it does not guarantee that you will gain leads. This is where understanding the psychology of the customer comes in as it will help you strategize and formulate a plan to increase your sales. This is because your target audience is an informed audience. So, focus on formulating your marketing strategies and trade show exhibit in favor of the attendees to make them feel like they are getting the best deals. 

Tip of the Day: When attendees enter your booth, ask the staff to welcome them and brief them about the brand and its products. This friendly approach will make the attendees feel special as they are personally attended to.

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