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Types of Lighting Fixtures that you Need to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

As an exhibitor at a trade show, the main goal is to attract attendees to your exhibition booth to gain leads. How do you do that? Of course, you will need trained staff, a well-designed booth, products, and so on. But there is one thing that will subtly affect the visual perception of the attendees and that is the lighting

Although it comes as no surprise that lighting fixtures are important for your trade show exhibit, choosing the right one to highlight certain aspects of exhibit stand design is a lot harder. Every show booth has a certain aspect that the company wants to emphasize, and the right lighting will help in drawing the attendees’ attention to just that. 

Here are the different types of lighting fixtures that will help your trade show exhibit stand out.

  • Display Light or Hand Light

Display lights, also known as hand lights are specifically used for trade show graphics and can be used for a stand booth banner. Although they are not as illuminating as a spotlight, they offer the appropriate intensity to brighten up the graphics. Since they use LED bulbs their cost is low and they consume less power. A plus to these lights is the variety of colors in which they are available.  

  • Backlight

To catch attendee attention from afar, backlights are a popular choice of many trade show exhibitors. Blending into the exhibit stand design, it prevents any shadows and illuminates the show booth. Moreover, they are budget-friendly as you do not need more lighting fixtures to illuminate the wall. 

  • Spotlight 

One of the most commonly used types of light fixtures in a trade show exhibit is the spotlights. Despite their small size, they are powerful enough to illuminate certain aspects of the exhibition booth. They are usually used to illuminate a trade show display product, booth banner, and so on. Although they are powerful, they do not have a jarring appearance, rather, they blend into the show booth.

  • LED Strip Light

These are a versatile light fixture due to their varying lengths and variety of colors. As the name suggests, they are a strip of lighting with LEDs on one side and adhesive on the other, creating a flexible circuit board. Thus, making them the most adjustable lighting fixture of the lot. In addition, they can be controlled by a wireless system too!

Since they have LEDs, they cost less and consume less power. However, they are powerful and are used to illuminate the perimeter of the show booth and the trade show shelf displays

  • Banner Light 

As the name suggests, they are used to bring focus and highlight the booth banner. However, they are often used to illuminate the trade show graphic as well. Most banner lights use LED bulbs, thus, they cost less and consume less power, all while being very bright. 

Since they hyper-focus on certain parts of the booth, they give the signage and banners an inner glow. This is especially beneficial in catching the attendee’s attention from a distance. Moreover, if they are attached in the right manner, it will help you stand out amongst other trade show exhibit because, as mentioned earlier, they emphasize on certain aspects of the booth. 

  • Rope Light 

One of the most understated yet the most powerful and widely used light fixtures used in a trade show exhibit is the rope light. Suspended above the exhibition booth, these have plastic tubes attached with LED bulbs inside them. Moreover, they come in varying sizes and colors, Thus, they do not obstruct the view of the show booth, illuminating it seamlessly. They are usually used to illuminate the backdrops and the walls of the trade show exhibit

We hope this article helped to find the right lighting fixtures for your upcoming trade show. The lighting sets the atmosphere of your trade show exhibit. It impacts how approachable your show booth looks. Think of it this way, if you have to squint to read the banners/signage to figure out what the exhibition booth is about, it does not have proper lighting. 

With hundreds of booths at a trade show, making your show booth stand out is a task. This is wherein your lighting comes in. A well-lit exhibition booth will certainly attract more attendees as people can see from a distance what you are exhibiting. 

Tip of the Day: Although you may have a designated number of the type of light fixtures for your exhibit stand design, make sure to have extra pieces for each of these. This is because in case one of them fails to work, breaks while assembling or shortcircuts during the trade show, you will have more fixtures to replace them. The last thing you want is for your show booth is not stand out because one of the lighting is missing.

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