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Everyone loves activities in exhibit systems. But as fun, as they may seem, there goes a lot of effort and planning in making sure to choose the right activities. This is why brands need to consider a few things to include such activities in their trade show booth. While you may come across similar activities in various show displays, each of them is designed to fit the exhibits. 

Here are 7 things you need to know before including interactive activities in your trade show booth for an upcoming trade show.

  • You Must Have a Budget

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the budget. While some activities cost less than others, they are still an added expense. So, when you are planning your trade show budget, make sure to set aside a certain amount for these activities. 

Depending on the activities the budget will vary. While an AR and VR might cost you a fortune, a prize wheel might be cheaper. Keep in mind that the equipment needs to be shipped and installed too which will boot your expense. 

  • Trade Show Exhibit Design

A common mistake exhibitors make while incorporating activities in their trade show booth is not considering the booth design. Many times, the activities might take up most of the space, making movement inside the exhibit stand difficult. 

With that said, you need to consider your layout design. While incorporating big activities may seem like a great idea to attract the crowd, you must remember that if the trade show booth looks too crowded, attendees will avoid it. 

Thus, keep limited participation or seating for the activities or have the attendees divided into groups. 

  • You Need Trained Trade Booth Staff

The last thing you want to wrong at your trade show set up is for the staff to be unprepared. Your staff needs to know everything about the activities to able to host them properly. From the rules to the script, they must know how to manage the crowd and keep things lively and interesting. 

Also, they must use a friendly and polite tone while talking to the attendees to make them feel comfortable and the host comes across as approachable. 

  • Interactive Activities Must be Relevant to the Brand

While fun is important, you must ensure that the interactive activities are relevant to the brand. Keep in mind that the interactive activities are a subtle way of promoting and informing the attendees about the brand. So the last thing you want is to mislead your audience about your brand. For example, it doesn’t make sense to have a tea tasting session if you are a ceramics brand. 

  • Interactive Activities Must be Relevant to the Products

Another essential thing to consider is the relevance of your products in the games. While some activities might lead you to use them as prizes, for others, it’s best to highlight them and make their advantages known. 

For example, if you are a coffee machine brand, you can ask the attendees to make their perfect cup of coffee using the coffee machine. This way not only is the product being demonstrated, but the attendees also know how the product works.

  • Interactive Activities Must be Informative 

Apart from being fun and engaging, the activities should be informative about the brand and its products. Rather than, being into the face, look for subtle yet effective ways to incorporate the products or the brand’s concept into the interactive activities. 

For example, you are a furniture brand. You can conduct a quiz and have the attendees guess the style of furniture used in the photo. Instead of choosing random images, you can use your furniture images and place them in different settings. This will give the attendees an idea of how the furniture can be placed and the different settings it can be used in.  

  • Don’t Forget the Fun Element

Last but not least, the fun element. While trade shows are a serious affair with a lot of brainstorming going into making it a success, you must create a memorable experience for the attendees. Remember, your goal is to gain leads and the best way to do that is to make your brand seem approachable and interesting. 

The more fun and exciting your trade booth are the more attendees you will attract. Also, your brand is more likely to be recalled if you provide then attendees with a memorable experience. 

We hope this article will be helping in planning the interactive activities in your trade show booth. Like every other element in your stand booth, the interactive activities also require planning and proper budgeting. 

With the right planning, it’s hard for your interactive activity to go wrong!

Tip of the Day: If you don’t want to have equipment taking up space in your exhibit, you can always install and video wall and have a virtual game in your trade show booth.


How Your Trade show Booth Design Can Benefit
Your Business

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Marketing is all about getting noticed. If you make a great television commercial or give out a full page print ad or even put up a huge digital hoarding at the Times Sqaure – you know your purpose is to get noticed and get remembered in the minds of your audiences.

While ATL marketing is extremely expensive due to the cost of media buying, your BTL strategy can be economical, measurable and result oriented. You would agree that a well designed and eye-catching custom trade booth can make all the difference, particularly if you are looking to make an impression on a precise community or industry and extend the word about the services you offer. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the benefits a trade show booth design can offer to your business.


Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Booth Designs

We provide you with quite 150 fair rental booth designs to settle on from including modular and customized, add-on feature integrated and fully customized booth designs.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Transparent Pricing

We help you convert the virtual image of your own booth design into reality for your exposition with our team of over 50 skilled professionals.

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Reusable and Affordable

Our booth displays are reusable and affordable. you'll use an equivalent rental booth across the various trade shows.

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Creative Graphics

Get meaningful and attractive brand graphics to feature value to your fair booth rentals.

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Turnkey Service

We build your booth displays at a production unit using leading-edge technology.

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Digital Experience

Digital is everything today, we assist you to build meaningful brand experience using technologies

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On-site Support

Our on-ground experts provide you with complete support for the installation, monitoring, and dismantling of your booth rentals.

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Quality Execution Assured

Ideally, your marketing team would like to steer beyond any performance risk before the trade show. What quite quality assurance do you have to anticipate? At, we adopt a dual-stage demonstration policy. We do mockup of your display booth rentals first thenthe booth structure goes on site after thorough quality inspection for final execution.

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Right Value for Money

Out transparency policy and our principals is to have fixed price for all, and also a constant practice to have complete control overhead assures you of having right value for your money, due to high volume of business we can offer better brice to each of our client

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Request A Free Quote

Booked an exhibition space at an upcoming show but are unsure how much the build will cost? Send us your floorplan, basic requirements and timeline at hand and we can prepare a ballpark estimate for you.

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Request A Stall Design

Are you exhibiting in a new country for the first time? Do you need a design that is locally relevant on a global platform? We can submit a design which communicates your key message to your target audiences.

best trade show displays, exhibit banners, Trade booth Design, Booth show, Trade show stand design

Request A Call Back

Have a strategy in mind and want to sound it off? Exploring new geography and want to test the market via an exhibition? Just want to discuss the viability of an experiential marketing idea? Our experts can be of help to you.

1. Engage with your target market at your trade show.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to interact with potential clients and consumers who are actively engrossed in the goods or services your business provides. Most trade shows usually see thousands of visitors who are all congregating in one place to learn more about a specific industry and what are the new trends and opportunities it offers. There are many possibilities to develop a business in today’s market, but few offer a chance to engage with your ideal customer the way a correct trade show booth design does. Your booth can attract your audience towards it and the experience that you build around it can ensure that once inside your guest spends maximum time interacting with you and your exhibits.

2. Meet potential customers face to face at your exhibition booth

Marketing just isn’t as intimate as it once was. Online ads and digital marketing are a large aspect of your advertising budget, but these ways just can’t replace the trust and goodwill your business can possibly build by meeting with people face to face. One of the best places to meet people is at your trade show booth. So when you design your booth keep in mind to keep a lot of open spaces with comfortable seating for business interactions. It’s ideal to have a food and beverage counter, this ensures that you cater well to the people that matter most to your business – your customers.

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 60% of exhibitors put up a trade show booth as they feel that this is the only place that they can meet maximum old and new customers within a span of 3-4 days.

3. Build Your Business Network and Industry Knowledge at Exhibition Seminars

You may set up a small 10×10 exhibit or 10×20 exhibit at an upcoming trade fair, but it is an excellent opportunity to create partnerships and network with the contemporaries in your industry. It also gives you access to business seminars where you can cross brand promotions with companies that offer allied services that you can bundle up to the benefits of your customers. Trade shows reveal the pulse of the industry. By meeting industry experts and networking with them you will get a general feel of what is working in the market and also what the market is collectively working towards. Then you can see if your products and marketing is in line with the trends or is ahead of them. 

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4. Observe your competition and what they did right with their exhibition booth design

When it comes to direct competitors, it can be fruitful to simply observe how they are giving expression to their brands via their booth design. If a particular booth is popular, try and decipher what they are doing that is a crowd puller? Is it a way their team is, or exhibition booth design is, or is it their branding, or something else. Issues such as pricing, loyalty offers, and overall sales or branding strategies should also be taken note of.

Fun Fact: Many industries that have product displays incorporated into their booth specifically attend exhibitions to see what their competitors are doing and how their products look, feel and operate. This is especially true for industries like building materials, automobiles, white goods, stationery and food.

Trade shows have been an essential part of marketing businesses across various industries for many years. While digital marketing approaches such as social media and paid online ads have radically altered the advertising landscape in recent years, partaking in a trade show with your own booth can still be very valuable for your business. Make no mistake, participating in a trade show isn’t cheap. Registration fees, the cost of sending employees, and the cost of building the correct trade show booth design are all costs you’re going to want to reflect upon. Ultimately, though, the potential return on your investment can diminish these costs if you properly organize and generate high-quality leads that convert to sales for your company.


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