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Trade Display Ideas That Make the Booth Accessible to Everyone

A rather big thing that many exhibitors overlook while designing their trade show booth displays is accessibility. It is often that in order to create an extravagant booth, exhibitors fail to make the booth disabled-friendly. 

As a brand, you must come with trade display ideas that make your products and services accessible to everyone. These small things can become a deciding factor for attendees to see if the brand has gone beyond the bare minimum to make the booth disabled-friendly. 

Here are 7 trade display ideas that can help you make accessible modular trade show booths for an upcoming trade show

  • Booth Layout

Be it a 10×10 booth display or a 20×20 trade show booth, your booth layout must be easy to maneuver around without crowding the booth. 

In other words, the spacing between each counter or display element must be placed in such a way that anyone in a wheelchair can move around without feeling immobile. Moreover, there must be enough space for the rest of the attendees to pass through too. 

  • Booth with an Upper Deck

If you have an upper deck on your trade booth, make sure that there’s a ramp to get to the top. This is especially important if you have a conference room. However, it is ideal that your private conference rooms were on the ground level. 

  • Booth Flooring

One of the most important aspects of the booth is the flooring, especially when it comes to making them disabled-friendly. Here are some trade display ideas to ensure your booth flooring is accessible to all. 

  • If you have a raised floor, to access the booth, design a ramp rather than a step.
  • If you are using a carpet, ensure that is properly secured to the floor.
  • Avoid carpeting the trade booth, as it increases the chances of the wheelchair or crutches getting stuck.
  • Avoid any flooring materials that are slippery. 
  • Trade Show Literature

Another aspect often overlooked by exhibitors is the text used in trade show booth displays. From the product descriptions to the banner for trade show events to the text on flyers and brochures. All of this information needs to be accessed by people with visual impairment. 

All you have to do is along with the text, make sure to include braille. Moreover, you can also opt for a larger font for those who have difficulty reading small text. 

  • Staff Trained in Sign Language

Your booth staff must be trained in being able to converse with a person who understands sign language. Otherwise, your modular trade show booths have lost their purpose. No amount of lavish booths will be enough if the attendee cannot converse with the representatives.

From answering questions to demonstrating products, you need a staff member who is able to use sign language to communicate with the attendee. Make sure the trade booth staff member guides the attendee through the exhibit. 

Moreover, you must have someone to translate what is being said during a presentation or speech. 

Moreover, the staff must not raise their voice or not directly address them. 

  • Trade Show Videos 

If you have any videos for the attendees, they must include closed captions. You can even hand out flyers that highlight the main points of the videos or presentation. 

Also, make sure that the audio is not too low as people with hearing impairments might not be able to hear. On the other hand, the audio must not be too loud that attendees can’t concentrate or understand what is being said.

  • The Height of Trade Show Elements 

The trade show display products in the convention booth displays, must not be placed taller than 4 feet. Be sure to have the products placed in such a way that they can be easily seen and used. This is also the case for any interactive display. 

If you have any seating furniture, make sure that it can be replaced for people in wheelchairs. 

We hope these trade display ideas will be helpful in building a trade show exhibit design that can be accessed by everyone. As a brand, it is your responsibility to make sure your products and services are accessible to everyone. And while these may seem an added effort, they are  things that make a big difference to those with disabilities. 

While these things might skip the trade show booth design company’s mind, it is essential that you ask them to include these designs in the booth. 

Tip of the Day: if there are any wires or cables running through the booth floor, make sure they are properly concealed so that no one trips over them. 

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming trade show event, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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