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Tips that will help you Successfully Manage your Trade Show Booth

At a trade show, attendee interaction and gaining leads don’t happen with a flick of the hand. An exhibition booth spends a long time planning and formulating the perfect plan to carry out things smoothly. This is why managing a booth is no child’s play but it can get overwhelming if you are not prepared.

So, here are tips that will help you manage your trade booth better at the upcoming trade show

  • Create a Checklist

Although this might not seem like the most groundbreaking tip, it is essential in keeping track of all the dates, materials, trade booth, staff, and so on. You must create a to-do list as you are planning your trade show booth set up. This will help you organize and assign certain dates for orders and deliveries, deadlines, and schedule meetings. Moreover, it will prevent you from missing out on any aspects of the booth. 

  • Choose the Correct Staff

The right trade booth staff will help you capture attendee attention and gain leads. They must be able to deal with all kinds of attendees and any unforeseen situations. Moreover, they must be enthusiastic and encourage the attendees to try out the products. Most importantly, they must have complete knowledge about the trade show exhibit displays and the product features. 

While staff training, they must be informed about the do’s and don’t’s inside a trade show booth set up. For example, when an attendee enters, they must greet them, they should not talk amongst themselves when the attendee is looking around in the trade show booth, they must not eat inside the booth, and so on. 

  • Formulate a Staff Schedule

Considering how long trade show events last, it would be unreasonable to assume that the exhibition booth staff will be able to attend the trade show counter for an extended time. The trade booth staff will need a break to rest and eat. 

Moreover, it is also used to assign the staff positions in the trade show booth. This includes, where they will stand, which trade show counter they will attend, and much more. Also, it should contain the staff’s contact details. 

  • Create a Product Demo and Script

The exhibition booth staff must know about the products, their features. But what is important is how they present this knowledge to the attendees. This is why there must a standard script that every staff member has to follow and add extra information to that. 

Live product demonstration help attendees confirm the authenticity of the product. For this very reason, the trade show booth staff must know how to operate the products. Or, they must be well-versed with a PowerPoint presentation that details the workings of the products. Moreover, this will enable them to answer any of the attendee’s queries. 

  • Choose a Staff Dress Code

For events such as a trade show, the exhibition booth staff creates an impression about the company in the attendee’s mind even if they don’t enter the exhibit. If you choose the right outfit, your show booth staff will stand out from the sea of the common style of clothing. 

Although polo shirts with the company’s logo weaved in the front are popular choices, you must opt for clothing items and colors that will set you apart from the competition. You can have certain colors, accessories, and logos printed on the items to have a unique attire. However, make sure it is not something inappropriate. 

  • Connect and Interact with the Event Planners

Although it might seem insignificant, having a good relationship with the trade show organizers and interacting with them regularly will help your trade show booth set up. How? The answer is simple. They are a reliable source of information. From permissions for an extra booth banner to advice on exhibiting. Since they have been in the industry for quite some time, they will be able to guide to. 

  • Have a Lead Retrieval Process

Instead of having your staff scramble around to retrieve the attendee details, you must establish a lead retrieval process. This will automatically store all the information while it is being collected. Often, the organizers offer scanners. Thus, when the event is over, you can upload the information to your system.

We hope this article will help you gain insight into managing your trade show booth in a seamless manner. Although it might seem like a mighty task, you will be surprised to know how many things can wrong on the day of the event. Moreover, when these small things pile up, they can reflect on your trade show booth’s performance. This is why it is your responsibility to make sure that the exhibition booth is properly managed.

Tip of the Day: While you may have gained numerous leads, the important task is to convert them into sales. So, your company must have a proper follow-up plan ready to gain more customers.

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