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Things You Need to Consider While Choosing the Giveaway for your Display Stands for Trade Shows

If there is one thing attendees look forward to at display stands for trade shows, it is the giveaways or promotional item.

Now while it may seem like the exhibitors have randomly selected a giveaway item, there actually goes a lot of thought and planning in choosing the right one. Since this is a subtle marketing technique, not only must the item be interesting, it must reinforce the brand’s and the exhibition booth into the attendees’ minds even after the event is over.

Here are 6 things you should keep in mind when choosing the right giveaway for your display stands for trade shows.

  • Total Cost of the Giveaway Item

A lot of factors like size, materials, color, branding, etc., play an important role in determining the total cost of the giveaway. So, it is common for companies to forget some additional costs like shipping, and printing to be overlooked.

Remember, the more customized and branded your giveaway is, the total cost might increase. This is why you must have a set budget within which you operate for the giveaways.

Apart from what the total cost of the giveaway might be, the exhibitors must also keep in mind how many attendees are expected to visit the stand booth. This is especially the case for brands that will have multiple modular exhibits for different trade shows.

  • Think Outside the Box

It can’t be stressed enough that regular giveaways like stationery, keychains, and bags have become increasingly overdone in trade show booth displays.

Giveaways give exhibitors the opportunity to get creative and come up with an innovative item that won’t be found in the exhibit systems. Some out-of-the-box items you can use include, portable chargers, branded lip balms, sample products, and so on.

  • The Giveaway Must be Relevant to your Booth

Do you know why most giveaways are forgettable? It’s because they aren’t relevant or related to the show booth.
While it is nice to have a unique giveaway, ensure that it is still relevant to your display stands for trade shows you exhibit. A subtle yet effective way to create a relevant giveaway is by having it branded.

  • The Giveaway Must be Relevant to the Target Audience

While choosing the giveaway, make sure that the item is relevant to the target audience. The more targetted the giveaways are, the more likely is the attendee to remember your brand. Be sure to do your market research before selecting the giveaway item.

Thus, while a water bottle might make a good giveaway. But do you know what would be better for IT professionals at a trade show? A pen drive or even a portable charger. Similarly, for a food and restaurant trade show, sample food products, or even travel cutlery will make much more sense than a tote bag or mug.

  • Have Different Giveaways for Special Attendees

While having the same giveaway for all attendees is pretty common across many trade show stands, there might be some executives and other important clients whom you want to impress.

For that, a good way to make them feel important is to by having a special giveaway for them. A special giveaway for such attendees gives the impression of how valuable they are to your brand.

The same is the case for any long-term client. A special giveaway for a long-term client acts as a token of appreciation and makes them feel valued. Thus, giving the impression that they are valued customers.

  • Size of the Giveaway Item

Another important factor you need to consider is the size of the giveaway item. Your promotional item can become a source of attraction for attendees if it’s visible from afar. However, if the item is bulky, the giveaway will become a hassle more than a reminder of the brand.

On the other hand, if the item is too small, it can get easily misplaced or might give the impression that the company has a giveaway for the sake of it, rather than adding to the attendee experience.

We hope this article will help you choose the right giveaway for your display stands for trade shows. While there are so many things that could make for an outstanding giveaway, choosing the relevant one is essential.

After all, the giveaway becomes a piece of the show booth that the attendees take home. So, if your giveaway item doesn’t remind the attendees of your brand, then you haven’t chosen the right one.

Tip of the Day: Rather than simply handing them the giveaway items, make sure to package them or even hand them out in a bag branded with your company’s logo.

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