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Essentials of Attendee Interaction at a Trade Booth

Attendee interaction is one of the key activities that happen in trade show exhibits. Every brand wants to engage with the attendees who come visit your exhibition booth. After an attendee is in your booth, your interaction with them decides whether your exhibit was successful or not. 

Here are the essentials of attendee interaction at a trade show:

  • Empathy

When your trade booth staff starts showing empathy for the attendee’s opinions, you’re already on your way to convert them into your customers. Hence, you must train your staff to show understanding and awareness of the obstacles your attendee’s faces. Empower them to ask the difficult questions, and the customer will take notice of your brand and message. While the attendees are at the booth displays, make sure the staff give them an overview of the products and tell them why your brand sets you apart from the rest. 

To garner empathy, you must research what affects your audience. Once you know this, communicate your brand’s value and establish a sense of belonging among your attendees. Only then, will they connect with your message and reach out to you.

  • Prioritizing attendees

You must remember that the trade show stands are not the Holy Grail. Sure, exhibit banners or a 20×20 trade show booth create curiosity and bring in the attendees. But your staff needs to understand whom to prioritize and work accordingly.

The attendees at your show booth may be influencers and even big company names. As a result, they’re busy and hasty. They might be impatient, jump straight onto your supersonic jet. Deliver specific information without wasting too much of their time. Train your staff to be polite, concise, yet empathic and resonating. 

  • Time Management

Since big companies or influencers are busy individuals, they may be forgetful too. Remember, you’re not the only exhibitor at the trade show. Thus, do all that you can to seal the deal right on the spot, so that the attendee is not forced to remember details and get back to you later. However, make sure you do not neglect other attendees in the process.

If an attendee is left unattended after repeated requests for assistance, they will simply walk out. And the word about your staff’s behavior will spread around quickly. This will create a negative impression of your brand. This is why you need to train your staff to spend time with each attendee until all their queries are answered and their contact details are taken. 

  • Variety of Attendees

While some attendees may understand the products on the trade show shelf display just by reading the information card, others might need more assistance. Similarly, some might get impatient if the staff gives a long overview. This why you need to train your staff to manage the variety of attendees so that all of their queries are answered properly.

Very often, attendees can be hesitant, or even hassled. They are overloaded with information and they do see all your details in the brochures and banners. But you will have to go the extra mile and make them comfortable, provide the little nudge for them to close on the deal. 

Remember, your trade show staff are the representatives of your brand. If they do no connect or communicate with the attendees, you won’t be able to gain any lead. 


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