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Strategies to Select the Right Trade Show Staff

A trade show requires a lot of effort and investment on all fronts. But all of this can go to a toss if the staff who will manage the trade booth aren’t up to the mark. During the upcoming trade show, they are going to be the spine of your marketing strategies. They will also act as the face of your company. So, your choice of staff can either make or break your business at the exhibit systems. But how do you know who is the ideal fit for the job? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • People from Your Company

If you pick out the staff for a trade show exhibit from your company, the odds are in your favor. The first thing you need to find out is how much the individual believes in your product/service and how much faith they have in your brand’s philosophy. People who trust your product/services will try their best to convince the attendees. 

The second thing you need to look out for is how friendly and approachable they are and their conversation skills. A friendly and extroverted person will be able to engage the visitors better and will generate better leads for you. 

Your exhibit stand staff have to be well versed in the subtle art of etiquettes. But even if your staff are not up to it yet, some proper training can prepare them. Just make sure they pass the first two criteria in flying colors. 

  • People from Outside the Company

Often trade show participants are forced to hire people outside the company for various reasons. While interviewing such candidates, it’s recommended to use the same criteria as previously mentioned. But getting enough people who fit those criteria completely is highly unlikely. In such a scenario, arrange proper and lengthy training sessions for your recruits to develop the traits that you deem necessary.

Before the exhibition, make sure you run a practice among the staff, irrespective of them being a part of your company. Ask them about the trade show display products or attend the different trade show counters. This simulation will help them understand and deal with different types of attendees. 

Recruiting personnel for your trade show stands is one of the most cardinal choices you are going to make while planning a trade show. Hopefully, our discussion above will help you find out just the right staff who will take your show booth performance to new heights.

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