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Sanitation Precautions for Exhibitors while Exhibiting During Covid-19

After the world was hit with Covid-19, everything came to a halt. But as the year has progressed, things slowly getting back to normal. Restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, museums, and much more are opening up. In addition, more large scale events like fashion shows, concerts, and trade show events are also being hosted with limited seating and several precautions. 

While these events are being conducted, trade show organizers and exhibitors need to keep take follow certain health protocols. This is to ensure the safety of not only the attendees but also the trade show exhibit staff. 

Here are the sanitation precautions that exhibitors need to exercise for an upcoming trade show during Covid-19.

  • Compulsory Face Masks

Make sure everyone present in the room is wearing a medically approved face mask throughout their time in the trade show. At the entrance, ask the security to not let anyone without a mask enter the establishment. 

Trade show organizers can hire staff who will be on the floor and make sure the attendees and stand booth staff are wearing the masks properly. 

  • Sanitation Pop Up Store

In the hustle and bustle of the trade show event, it is possible that people might forget to carry certain sanitation items. The organizers can set up a sanitation pop up store that provides all the necessary items, from face masks to sanitizers to even gloves. This shows that the safety of the attendees and trade booth staff is the ultimate priority of the event planners.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer stations are a must at both the entry of the trade show and the exhibit systems. This is because people will consciously or unconsciously end up touching things. Moreover, as attendees visit different trade booths, they will come in contact with different people. Thus, to curb the chances of any contamination, hand sanitizer stations must be put up. 

  • Temperature Checks

At the entry of the trade show and the exhibit systems, the temperature of each staff member and attendee must be checked. If there is anyone with even the slightest increase in temperature, they must not be allowed to enter the building.

  • Submitting Negative Covid Test 

While this is not a necessary step but it can be implemented for the trade show and exhibit stand staff. However, if you are conducting an international trade show wherein people from different parts of the world are attending, it should be made mandatory. 

  • Sanitation Kits

If your company has the budget, before the trade show, you can provide the invitees with a sanitation kit. This kit can include a face mask, sanitizer, face shield with the company’s logo on it. This creates the impression that the company ensured that all the invitees are safe while visiting the exhibition. 

  • Sneeze Guards and Glass Encasings

For the safety of the staff members, the company should install sneeze guards at the counters where interaction with the attendees takes place. 

The trade booth displays should be kept enclosed in glass casings to prevent attendees from touching them. If you still want to demonstrate the products you should only let the trade show exhibit staff handle the products or use AV displays to play the demonstration. 

  • Trade Show Layout 

While planning the trade show floor, the organizers must make sure to keep a six-foot distance between the exhibit systems to prevent crowding and free passage between the booths.

  • Social Distancing Markers

The event planners must create social distancing markers outside the exhibit systems to make sure attendees are not crowding a trade show exhibit

Trade show companies while creating the exhibition booth design must take the social distancing markers inside the booth into consideration. 

  • Limited Attendees

Keeping the attendees and the trade show exhibit staff’s safety in mind, the organizers must limit the entry of the attendees. In addition, they must also keep a limit on the stand booth staff. 

They can also create special QR codes for the attendees that will grant them access to the trade show. This is to keep track of the number of people entering the trade show

To give the rest of the people a chance to experience the event, as organizers you can broadcast the trade show live. Companies participating in the trade show can also hold a live segment during the event wherein they walk the virtual attendees through their exhibit stand.

Although the pandemic may have simmered down, its effects will be felt for quite some time. This is why sanitation and health precautions are the best to curb the spread of a new wave. Thus, trade show organizers must take these sanitation protocols seriously and take strict action against anyone who does not comply with them. 

Tip of the Day: Both the trade show organizers and brands should send out an email detailing all the compulsory safety precautions that the attendees need to follow inside the exhibition.

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