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Safety Precautions You Must Take During an Exhibition Build Up

A trade show is just like any other event. If you don’t take certain precautions, anything can go wrong with a single miscalculation. Hence, every exhibitor needs to establish a safety measures guide to keep staff and attendees safe. 

Safety issues for your staff can arise during travel, at the hotel, you are staying, at your trade show pop-ups, at the exhibition trade show booth venue, and during offsite events. These safety precautions are a priority while planning for the upcoming trade show.

Consider including preventive measures and training in your plan to keep staff and guests out of harm’s way. Educating the  staff about safety measures is especially important for those who haven’t attended events in the past. 

Your safety plan for exhibition booth staff should cover tips for traveling and around the exhibition venue. Some tips for the staff include:

  • Avoid flying in late or alone if possible.
  • Protect your hotel name and room number from strangers.
  • Secure all locks on hotel room doors, and use the peephole when someone knocks on your door.
  • Only wear your badge at the venue or official, sponsored events.
  • Don’t look like a tourist. Know where you’re going before you depart, and keep maps out of sight.
  • Don’t flash large bills around, Keep a stash of small bills that are easily accessible
  • Leave expensive items and valuables at home if possible.
  • Look out for other staff members to make sure they stay safe, especially when alcohol is involved.
  • If a staff member is impaired or is unfamiliar with their surroundings, make sure another member of the team escorts them safely back to their hotel room.

Inside the trade show set up, the safety of the attendees and the staff is of utmost importance. Some tips for your attendees include: 

  • Make sure the trade show display banner is secured properly if it’s being suspended.
  • Keep a first aid kit for the attendees and staff in case anyone gets hurt.
  • Make sure the trade show counters are sturdy and don’t wobble. This is to ensure that they don’t topple the things on them.
  • Keep all empty boxes and unnecessary items at the back to prevent the attendees from tripping over them.
  • Make sure the modular displays are securely put together so that they don’t break and fall on anyone.
  • Have a hand sanitizer at the front of the counter. 
  • While assembling the trade show shelf displays ensure they are securely bolted and can hold the weight of the products. This prevents the shelves from falling on the attendees. 

Before the exhibition beings, make sure your staff is properly trained for emergencies. They must be able to keep calm in the face of an emergency. Similarly, the attendee’s safety is a priority. They must have a good experience at the trade show and not be injured for you to get leads. 

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