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Remember to Pack these Trade Show Booth Essentials

Participating in a trade show is not an easy task, from planning to executing a trade show booth, there are a thousand things that can go wrong. Given the long list of things to prepare for, it should come as no surprise that people forget to pack certain trade show essentials.  

So to save you from hearing an earful, here are the trade booth essentials that you need to pack for the upcoming trade show.

  • Business Cards

Business cards are a way to remind the attendees about your exhibition booth without sending them any emails. Moreover, they add a personal touch as the attendee will directly contact the person on the card instead of the company. 

  • Stationery

One of the most important things at a trade show pop is the stationery. Moreover, companies often find that they have forgotten to pack certain items. Here is a list of all the stationery you will need.

  • Pens, pencils, and markers
  • Glue and tape
  • Scissors 
  • Notepads
  • Stapler (including extra pins)
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper clips 
  • Highlighter

Although it is not a stationery item, remember to have a paper bin to collect the trash.

  • Promotional Items

It is not uncommon for exhibit stand staff to hand out promotional items to the attendees. But in the rush of getting the trade show booth ready, people often forget to pack these. The common promotional items that you absolutely need to pack include brochures, flyers, booklets, etc. 

  • Giveaways

You will often find trade show counters stacked with giveaways like USB drives, stationery, shirts, snacks, etc., for attendees who visit the stand booth. However, since these aren’t to be used until the end, they are often left behind. But these become tokens of appreciation that people remember after the trade show is over.

  • Sign-Up Sheets

Although trade show stands have gone digital and store all the necessary attendee details on electronic devices, you will still need sign-up sheets. 

However, their use is not limited to collecting attendee information. You can use them for entering names into raffles, games, and other trade show booth attractions. 

  • Laptops and Tablets

It should come as no surprise that you need to pack all your electronic devices like laptops and tablets. These devices control almost everything in your trade show booth set up, from collecting data to showing videos and much more. 

Also, make sure the software in these devices is updated. 

  • Chargers and Appropriate Cords for Electronics 

With laptops, phones, and tablets, you will by default need chargers and other cords. The last you want to do is go to another trade show pop up and ask for some spare chargers and extension cords. This is why remember to pack all the necessary cords and devices. Moreover, carry extra pieces in case any of them don’t work. 

  • Zip Ties

With so many wires attached to the electronic devices in the trade booth, there is a high chance that attendees or the staff can trip over them. This is why you must tie the wires together with zip ties. Moreover, they make the stand booth look more neat and presentable. 

  • Name Tags

While these are not necessary, it is always beneficial to have name tags as they help the attendees differentiate exhibition booth staff from other visitors.

  • Comfortable Shoes

If you are a part of the trade booth staff, you are required to stand and walk around for hours. This is why swap the heels or Oxford shoes for something more comfortable to avoid discomfort. 

  • Sanitizers and Tissues

Sanitation is necessary. People might drop or spill something and you will have to quickly clean it. Or, with all the handshakes, your staff will require a quick clean up during lunch before eating. This is why don’t forget to pack sanitizers and tissues. 

  • Snacks and Water

Attending visitors and standing for hours at a time, your trade booth staff is bound to get tired. This is why as a company you must provide the staff with ample of snack and water. 

  • First Aid Kit

In case of any medical emergency, your exhibit stand staff must be prepared to treat wounds. Moreover, even the staff might get cuts or other injuries while handling the equipment. So for the safety of both the attendees and staff, you must have a first aid kit. 

We hope this helped you make a checklist of the essentials for your trade show booth set up. It is understandable if you forget to pack certain items for the exhibition booth. However, there are always methods to prevent mistakes. This is why keep these things in mind while getting ready for the trade show

Tip of the Day: Make a checklist of all these items and tick them off as you pack and transport them. At the trade show, while unpacking everything, go through the checklist again and tick off all the things as you set them in the exhibition booth. 

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