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Reasons a Double-Decker Design Makes for Innovative Interactive Booths

Why you need a double-decker booth design for an upcoming trade show

To create a distinct look at the trade show, it is essential for the exhibitors to create a booth design that not only stuns the attendees but also helps the brand stand out from the sea of competitors.

So a great way to have an upper hand over your competitors is by switching up the structure altogether. Rather than choosing the simple old interactive booths, add an upper deck to your modular displays.

Here are some reasons why double-decker designs make for innovative interactive booths.

  • Provides Privacy for Meetings

Many exhibitors choose a double-decker booth design to create private meeting rooms. With so many attendees moving in and out of the modular trade show booth, the floor can get noisy or even lack the needed privacy. Or, it might just become a distraction as with the glass doors one can see inside the room and vice versa.

However, with a double-decker design, space is completely cut off from the rest of the crowd, giving you and your clients the needed privacy. Thus, creating an exclusive and serious space for your to conduct business

  • Creates a Good Impression

Double-decker interactive booths are an amazing way to create a good impression on the attendees. Not only does your brand come across one that has spent a lot on creating a memorable experience but it also gives the trade show booth design a unique look.

  • Increases Attendee Engagement

If you don’t convert the upper deck into a private meeting room, it can be used as a display area. Thus, acting as an extension of the exhibit stand floor below. Since most exhibit systems have only one floor, with an increased amount of attendees, the booth can become crowded.

With an overflow of attendees in one exhibition booth, it is likely that while other attendees might be interested in your brand, the crowd might keep them away. So, to increase the attendee engagement, you can use the upper deck for engagement purposes.

From presentations, product demonstrations, videos, interactive activities, games, etc, with the double-decker interactive booths, you get more space, thus, increasing your attendee engagement.

  • Stands Out in the Crowd

A double-decker trade show booth design helps you stand out in the crowd literally and figuratively. Since not many brands opt for double-decker interactive booths, your exhibit stand is one to instantly catch attendees’ attention as the structure towers over others. Thus, making it easier to spot them even from a distance.

This unique customized booth thus stays in the attendees’ mind long after the event is over as it offered something other exhibit systems didn’t. This increases brand awareness as more and more attendees visit your stand and shop from your brand.

  • Increases Creative Freedom

With increased space and an additional structure, it would be a shame to not use the added components creatively. Apart from incorporating customized structures, you can use them to market your brand, message and products.

With more space, you can add more trade show graphics, video wall, banners, TV screens, shelf displays, etc., to attract more attendees.

  • More Room for Displaying

As mentioned earlier, with an upper deck, your floor space increase by a quarter if not half. Since most modular displays have only one floor, the stand has limited space to display all the products. This is especially the case with a smaller 10×10 booth.

However, with an upper deck, the products can be displayed prominently without being placed close to each other. The added space in the customized booth also increases the number of products you can display during the trade show.

  • Exclusive Experience

By creating the upper deck of your exhibition booth into a private space, it becomes an exclusive area. This goes a long way amongst special clients and attendees as they feel important and valued.

Think about it, as a client attending a brand’s booth, you would much rather be taken in a spot not occupied by other attendees to carry out business. Why so? Because it shows professionalism and the brand’s interest in doing business with you.

We hope this article was helpful to you in understanding how innovative interactive booths you can make with a double-decker design.

It’s true that the first thing the attendees notice about any modular trade show booth is the booth design. So it’s not surprising to see exhibitors go all out to make a statement. This is why double-decker designs provide an edge to your structure.

Tip of the Day: With a double-decker design, ensure that you have staff on the upper floor so that attendees are looked after when they go up. Or, you can also have a staff member accompany them upstairs and show them around.

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming trade show event, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.


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