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Latest Trends in Exhibitions that You Should Know About

The world of trade show exhibitions is quite similar to that of fashion; it is ever evolving. Newer styles emerge every now and then, newer designs that attract more and more visitors, newer tactics to attract attention, and much more. To stay in the game and to outrun your rivals, you must be well-equipped with the knowledge of the latest trends in these shows. Let’s take a look at some of these trends that will definitely give you an upper hand in the next exhibition that you attend: –

  • Customer-Oriented Booths

    After all, getting the customer’s attention is one of your primary goals in a trade show, right? For this reason, it has become quite the rising trend, to create booth designs that are customer-oriented, mainly through subtlety. Instead of going all-out with “in-your-face” designs, now it is more about creating designs that pertain to the needs of the customers. This is probably one of the best ways of creating an emotional attachment with the customer and making them a great lead.

  • Virtual Reality

    We all know that VR is the new king of tech, where you can almost simulate anything and experience as if you are in there, in the moment. Now, it has become a trend to make customers, a part of an immersive experience through VR gadgets, which goes to increase their interest towards the booth. 

  • Creating a Comfortable Environment

    Earlier, trade show exhibitions were just about booths and brochures, but now, they’ve evolved to become much more than that. Exhibitors carefully plan on how to create the perfect, comfortable space for the customer, from using sofas, relaxing chairs, to simplistic themes and sounds. This ultimately evokes a feeling in the customer to connect with your booth more, amidst all the clutter. 

  • Multi-Sensory Experiences

    Why only focus on sight and sound? Exhibitors now focus on creating multi-sensory experiences to attract more customers. Offering delicious snacks, keeping energy balls, using aroma diffusers, all these will immediately attract customers to your booth.                                                                                

  • Effective Lighting

    Cutting-edge tech does help to make the booth seem cooler, but companies who know how to play with light and shadow are the real winners. It’s slowly becoming a trend to using backlights, 3D projections, dimming lights, backlit fabrics, etc. in order to rake in the customers by highlighting key elements in the booth space

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