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Last-Minute Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show

Exhibitors plan for their upcoming trade show several months in advance. In the trade show business, this is considered one of the best tactics for having a successful trade show booth. However, we are all humans after all, aren’t we? The trade show pop-ups are bound to have mistakes, change of plans, last-minute decisions, and much more. 

Although you may have an eye-catching custom trade show booth, you can attract attendees with a few clicks. How do you do that? Well, just the day before the event, you can use some marketing ideas to make your exhibition booth a success. 

Listed below are some last-minute marketing ideas that you can implement to gather in your target customers and make successful leads: 

  • Last-Minute Phone Calls

In any kind of event, last-minute phone calls are a must. This is to ensure that all the attendees have confirmed their presence at the trade show, Moreover, it also because there might be some people who can attend the event.

 Make the phone calls, invite the clients to attend the exhibition booth. This is a great personal touch that the attendees will surely appreciate as it shows that the company cares about its invitees. This personalized gesture creates a good impression. The attendees will surely make sure that either they or their representatives attend the event. Either way, it is your gain. 

  • Send out those emails ASAP!

E-mails are great when communicating with the attendees and inviting them to the show. Send the last-minute emails to your customers. 

You can include all the details about your exhibition and any special offers that you have for the event. Additionally, you can add some of the trade show graphics to liven up the text.

  • Wield the Hammer of Social Media like Thor! 

Social media is a powerful tool in recent times. Use it to the full extent; post about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, let the people know about the upcoming trade show. Maybe create a short clip about the show, including further links in the description. Create an event page on Facebook and post pictures and clips, let the audience know that you want them there. A great way to familiarize the audience with your exhibit is to add a photo of your booth banner. This way on the day of the event, they can easily identify your trade show set up                                            

  • Create a Hook that the Clients will Love

Think of a special event that you can run in your trade show booth. Have giveaways, games, special discounts on products, gifts such as goodie bags, or gift boxes for attendees who visit. Spending a few extra dollars will be worth it since these small things attract attendees. 

You may have an impressive range of show displays that will attract a crowd at the event. However, to gain last-minute attendees and to reach a wider audience, marketing the event days if not weeks prior will surely give you the upper hand at the trade show.

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