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Designing Effective Booth Banners

It makes sense to plan to attract the most attention possible when you exhibit! To get the most ROI from your booth display and exhibit stand you need to make sure that you are seen appropriately. Here are some key components to consider when designing your booth banner.


Key Components of an Awesome Booth Banner

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There is a wide selection of booth banner stands which includes retractable banners, hanging banners, outdoor event flags, and much more. Exhibit banners offer a great way for your products and services to grab attendee attention at marketing and promotional events. 

Since these events usually involve traveling, trade show booth banners are designed to be portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. Here are the key components of a good booth banner.


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Booth Designs

We provide you with 150 fair rental booth design options to settle on including modular and customized, add-on feature integrated, and fully customized booth designs.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Transparent Pricing

We understand how expensive booth displays are, so with our no hidden charges policy, you won’t have to pay anything more than what is mentioned.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Reusable and Affordable

Our booth displays are both reusable and affordable, fitting every budget. You'll use an equivalent rental booth made from eco-friendly materials across various trade shows.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Creative Graphics

Our team of designers has a decade’s experience and has created numerous meaningful and attractive brand graphics that boosts the booth rentals’ aesthetic value.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Turnkey Service

We design and execute your trade show booth displays at a production unit with the help of cutting-edge technology and conduct thorough quality inspections.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Digital Experience

Digital is everything today. We assist you to build a meaningful and unique brand experience for the visitors at your show booth using leading technologies.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

On-site Support

Our team of on-ground experts provides you with complete support for the installation, monitoring, and dismantling of your booth rentals at the trade show floor.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Quality Execution Assured

We adopt a dual-stage demonstration policy wherein after a mock-up of your display, we do a thorough quality inspection before the booth structure goes on-site.

Booth design display, Design for Booth, 10 * 20 trade show booth, 10 * 20 Booth

Right Value for Money

Our transparency policy, fixed price for all principle, and practice to have control of overhead charges ensure you get the right value for your money.

1. Readability

The font of the texts matters a lot. Ensure you use font visitors can read from a distance and without straining.  

Trade show visitors and a potential customer tend to scan exhibit banners and land to one that looks promising. Thus, they may pass you over completely if they can’t read your banner within the shortest time. Choose a font that is crisp, clean, and easy to read.

2. Logos and Branding

The business logo and name should be featured center and front.  

Many companies consider having a trade show counter with a table runner that offers this information. This includes the link to your website allows passerby to revisit your company information during their own time.  

Branding and logos should be located at an eye-level and repeated in different places around your show display.  A slogan can be positioned near the logo that briefly communicates to the attendees what the company does and how the company can assist them.

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 60% of exhibitors put up a trade show booth as they feel that this is the only place that they can meet maximum old and new customers within a span of 3-4 days.

3. Use The Right Colors

Color psychology is complex. Visitors are drawn to different colors for different reasonsThe colors you choose for your displays can help your trade show booth set up promote your message. Cooler colors like green, white and blue appear a bit professional but are not big attention-grabbers. Despite how engaging warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow are, they must be used wisely a they as an be overbearing.

4. Less is More

Attendees are enticed to graphics that are easy to read, simple and crispSo, when designing your booth banner, try to communicate your message with a few words and visuals as possible. But make sure that you select them wisely to maximize impact.

A “clean” look is always better because the more cluttered your booth banner, the harder it is to read from a distance. Additionally, the key message you want to convey should be placed on the banner at an eye-level to be read and spotted by visitors easily.

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5. Choosing the Right Size

Banner stand come in different sizes. These exhibit banners are made from vinyl material with a well-designed matte surface and full-color HD printing. When choosing a trade show company, for your banners, make sure the banner’s size suits your trade show booth.

Also, the higher the resolution for printing, the better.

6. Consider a Simple and Memorable Headline

Another thing that draws the attention of the attendee is your headline. Ensure you keep it compelling and clear, but short and simple. A creative and out-of-the-box headline grabs the attendees; attentiom who pass by your stand booth.

7. Use Quality Materials and Construction

The worst thing that could happen during your trade show is for your well-designed exhibition booth banner to crumple. Don’t use cheap materials to build the banner stand. Select durable, high-quality materials and ensure the display is designed properly at the start of the show. Make sure you check the efficiency of your display regularly.

The best exhibit display is one that draws attention from across the floor. trade show display design that vibrantly highlights the main aspect of your message, allows visitors to know it is worth their money and timeThis means you get what you paid for to attend the show. Thus, it is essential to send your best people to work your trade show exhibit. 

8. Include your Contact Information

Your contact information needs to be visible even fram a distance. Because a banner stand is placed on the show floor, contact information, like email address, website or phone number should be at the top of your banner. This way it is visible to all those walk by.

Contact details are not the same as the tagline. A tagline is the main statement of your banner and will show a bigger font. The contact information font needs to be smaller than the tagline’s so that attendees don’t confuse the two. 

trade booth needs to have a banner’s message that is visible to many people moving around. No need to include your postal address or street.


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