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How Themed Show Booths Help you Stand Out in a Trade Show

You might have a well-trained staff, top-notch marketing strategies, quality trade show display products, and much more. But all of this will go down the drain if attendees do not visit your trade show booth. 

With hundreds of exhibit systems at a trade show putting your best foot forward becomes essential if you want your company to stand out. A themed show booth will help you do just that. 

When people are walking around a trade show, they will only go to those exhibit systems that are picturesque. Think about it. You walk into a trade show event and see two booths. On your left, there is a garden-themed show booth with an artificial garden set up by a natural supplement brand. While on your right, a similar brand had a standard-looking show booth with a living wall. Which one is more likely to catch your eye? The left one; because it is providing you something more than a simple counter and a few plants.

When you use a certain theme for your exhibit stand design it helps you send across your message to your attendees about what you are displaying and what they can expect. The attendees then don’t have to enter your booth to understand what you are exhibiting. 

But why do you need a theme for your upcoming trade show? You need them to:

  • Create a memorable experience for attendees to turn them into sales. 
  • Stand out amongst the competition.
  • Convey your brand message.

Now, let us look at some themes that are used as a foundation based on which companies choose a trade show booth design.

  • Location

One theme that will never go wrong is locations. Locations provide a concrete foundation on which the trade show booth will be designed as compared to an abstract idea. For example, if you are a surfboards company, having a show booth designed as a beach will help you stand out from the usual stall-like exhibit systems. Or, if you are exhibiting a camera, you can have a Hollywood-themed trade show booth

City-themed trade show booths are also a popular choice. These include having elements that best represent the city. Thus, as a travel agency, it is about re-creating the location with which people will resonate with. 

An advantage of having a location-themed booth is that you can incorporate the trade show display products into the booth design

  • Art and Culture

Including the finer things in life such as art and culture make your show booth more sophisticated and refined. 

While a watered-down version of this is used to exhibit the trade show display products,  a gallery/museum theme emphasizes the products. This can be done by using spotlights and wooden frames. You can ask the staff to act as guides and explain the products to the attendees. 

Creating sculptures and art pieces becomes a highlight of your trade show booth among the sea of exhibit systems. While trying to understand the artwork, attendees will enter your show booth thereby increasing your footfall. 

  • Brand Niche

You don’t necessarily have to choose a certain theme, you can always turn your company’s niche into one. Why? Easy. Companies that participate in a trade show are a part of a niche industry.

For example, if you are a travel company, you can incorporate an airplane setting. Switching normal furniture with airplane seats and having a departure board in the place of trade show booth walls.

Branding is the essence of every business. Implementing this into your upcoming trade shows booth will certainly help you stand out. This is because rather than focusing only on your products and services you are also displaying your brand. For example, if you are a real estate company, having a custom trade show booth designed like a house with fences and a garden will help you stand out. 

Your theme should not be limited to your booth design. Give free souvenirs like keychains, postcards, stickers, etc., as attendees leave your show booth

We hope this article helped you gain insight into a themed trade show booth

With companies using all kinds of techniques to bring in attendees, the crowd can get overwhelmed with everything under the sun being thrown at them to catch their eye. Thus, one of the best ways to increase footfall is by following a theme. A themed show booth gives the impression that the company is not only interested in gaining leads but also in creating a memorable experience for the attendees. Moreover, it helps attendees understand the products and services of the company from afar. 

Tip of the Day: Do not limit the theme only to the trade show booth. Include theme graphics in social media posts, marketing e-mails, invitations, and follow-up messages. This can be done by using the graphics in these messages and posts.

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