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How Different Kinds of Trade Show Staff will help your Trade Booth Stand Out

While attending a trade show have you ever wondered why only certain people are the staff every year for a trade booth? Or why the staff never switch their roles while working the booth? This is because these people are hand-picked and assigned certain roles that only they can perform. 

At a trade show, your exhibition booth staff are the representatives of your company. This is why companies will go out of their way to make a team of the best employees in the company is the representatives

But all the staff does is talk to the attendees about the products and collect contact details. How difficult can that be? Well, with hundreds of exhibit systems in a trade show, the staff has only a few seconds to convince the attendees. This is where their art of speaking and persuasion comes in. 

However, talking is not the only requirement, the staff must be knowledgeable about the products too. This is why a team will comprise of people with expertise in specific fields. 

Here is a list of the different kinds of trade booth staff and how they will your trade show pop up stand out

  • Team Leader/Event Manager

The team leader is in charge of the team and making sure everything goes according to the plan. From assigning tasks and trade show counter to each member, they are responsible for the team as a collective. As the leader, they are also responsible to communicate with the trade show planners, trade show company, and the brand. Moreover, they are also responsible for all the on-site logistics.

  • Sales Representative/Lead Generator

Lead generation is the ultimate goal of the exhibition booth. So, without the sales representatives, the team would be incomplete. They are responsible for interacting with the attendees by asking targeted questions. Thus, they are responsible for garnering the football at the trade show stands. Moreover, they are also responsible for collecting the most qualifying leads and turning them into sales. 

  • Product Demonstrator

As the name suggests, they are responsible for giving demonstrations of the trade show display product. They have to be extremely knowledgeable about the products and be able to answers all kinds of queries that the attendees pose to them. They will follow a script provided by the company and work their way around for the product demonstration. 

  • Translator

These are a part of a team for an international trade show for interacting with people from different countries. They are responsible for translating the conversation on both ends in a professional manner. This is especially important for expanding your business and entering a new market. 

  • Booth Host/Spokes Model

They are responsible for creating a hospitable atmosphere in the trade show booth setup. Thus, they are the ones who will welcome the attendees into the exhibition booth. They also guide the attendees to different sections of the booth and conduct all the activities and games. In short, they are responsible for attracting the attendees into the trade booth.

  • Brand Ambassador 

Although it may not seem like it, having the brand ambassador of the company in the trade show pop up is a marketing strategy to attract attendees and create the buzz about your booth. Although they are not assigned any specific role, they do interact with the attendees and the booth host to talk about the brand. 

  • Moderator/EMCEE

The master of ceremonies (EMCEE) is responsible for entertaining and engaging the live audience at the exhibition booth. This is especially the case for any live entertainment. Moreover, they give presentations, product demonstrations, engage in audience interaction, and much more. 

Apart from choosing the exhibition booth staff, their teamwork is the key to success. This is why regular training sessions must be held to improve the staff’s skills. Apart from the regular training for the trade show, before the event, you must have a trial run wherein each staff can practice. Through this mock run, the staff can prepare for unexpected queries and other situations.

Also, there are companies that provide skilled specialists that would make your trade booth staff in case you don’t want an in-house team. 

We hope this article will help you choose the right kind of trade show staff for the upcoming trade show. A successful trade booth is one that has the staff work in harmony to ensure they gain leads and provide the attendees a memorable experience. This is why the company must pick the best of the best to ensure a successful trade show exhibition. 

Tip of the Day: Although the chances of having a staff member back out from the trade show are unlikely, there is a chance of things going wrong and prevent the person from participating. This is why you must have a few people as a backup, trained to take place in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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