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How Attendee Research and Background Check can Help you Gain Leads at a Trade Show

While attending a trade show have you ever come across a show booth that has failed to capture the attendee’s attention and struggled to gain leads? You could tell that the company had failed to conduct proper research and background check to prepare for the trade show.

The successful exhibit systems are the ones who keep track of their attendees and do a complete background check before assigning work to individuals. When they know everything about the people who will be present at the trade show, they can easily strategize to gain the most leads. 

To have the same success, this is how conducting attendee research prior to the trade show can help you gain leads.

  • Details on Previously Attended Events 

The research will tell you what kind of events the invitees have been attended. This will help you know your attendee’s preferences and the quality of exhibit displays, and the experience they expect. Also, it will help you plan and strategize your trade show to attract attendees with similar experiences.

  • Creates Familiarity 

Familiarity makes people feel welcomed. When your show booth staff is familiar with the attendees it shows that the company and put effort into making the experience as memorable and customized as possible. 

This added personal touch also helps the staff focus on certain aspects of the display products for trade show that they feel would interest the attendee.

  • Helps Customize Attendee Experience

Exhibit systems usually see more industry experts and professionals as compared to regular people. Having conducted attendee research, you will know what will impress and attract each attendee. This will help your trade booth staff as they will customize their pitch accordingly. 

For example, for an industry expert, the staff will use jargon and not go too much in detail to explain certain concepts and terminology. While for a regular attendee, the staff will explain the ideas, concepts and use layman’s language.

  • Helps You Prioritize Attendees

Some attendees will be prioritized over others for several reasons. While the trade booth staff should not do this in a jarring manner, they must realize which attendees can be easily turned into leads. 

Also, there might be some industry giants and professionals whom you want to work with. Thus, attendee research will help your show booth staff to look out for them and put their best foot forward. Having said that, the staff must never leave a potential lead halfway through a conversation for a better lead.

The trade show exhibit staff can manage without knowing about the attendees. But it would be useless if choose the wrong event and people for your trade booth. 

While attendee research is limited to the people attending the trade show, the background check is much more detailed and essential. In fact, it extends to three different aspects. These include: 

  • Background Research for Trade Show Events

In a year, hundreds of trade show events take place. Naturally, there are going to be a handful of trade show events in your industry. Instead of blindly participating in all these, conduct  background research. This will help you understand which ones are important. 

Remember, the previous year’s exhibit systems must include industry giants and direct competitors. 

  • Background Research for Trade Show Exhibit Staff

You can have the most innovative convention booth displays and incorporate all the latest trends, but if you don’t have a well-trained and experienced staff, you won’t have any leads.

While doing a background check for your trade show exhibit staff pick those members that have previously participated in the trade show events, experienced marketers, and salespersons. Their work record should help you gain some insight into who will be best suited for the job.

  • Background Research for a Trade Show Company

Out of hundreds of trade show companies, choosing one that would successfully provide you all the results is difficult. This is why you must look into their previous clientele, trade show set up, how they have carried out previous projects, and their charges. This will help you choose a company that delivers quality services and whose goals match yours.

We hope this article will be beneficial for your upcoming trade show event’s attendee research and background check. Prior research is a necessary step for participating in a trade show event. Given the fierce competition and numerous trade show set up in one trade show, gaining leads is not an easy task. However, attendee research and background checks prepare you for the event and help you choose and strategize the best methods to gain leads. 

Tip of the Day: If you want particular attendees to be present at your trade booth, you can send them a personalized invitation. This is especially the case for any industry giant or expert. This adds a personal touch and increases the chances of their visit. 

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