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Generating Leads at Trade Shows

A trade show is a giant hub of prospective leads for big companies to the smallest vendors who are looking for eye-catching deals. Choosing between a customized booth and a 10×20 trade show booth is important to attract attendees. But with a large crowd at the booth, it is difficult to prioritize attendees without any prior research. This is why you must play your cards right and make a firm strategy of generating leads for your trade show booth

Here is a list of the 3 best ways for how you can go ahead with that:

  • Create a List of Attendees 

Knowing the who’s and what’s of the show is extremely important. If you have a list of all the attendees and sponsors, you will know how to execute your plan and attract your target customers. Sometimes, trade show organizers do not offer this data unless you’re a big brand. If you aren’t, nothing to worry about. 

You can inquire from your contacts at the trade show, search in social media, and newsletters for companies and people who are attending. Create a proxy list, dig deeper to find out who all are attending. Researching the attendees will help you gain an upper hand. At the exhibition booth, you can target certain products to certain attendees if you know what might interest them.

Once the list is prepared, get in touch with the attendees you know, companies who are perfect for your product ahead of time.

  • Prioritize your Prospects

Once you have the data at hand, you must prioritize your prospective clients and companies. A large crowd at your trade show counters is an indicator of a successful trade show. But you must understand who is a promising lead. 

Who do you want to attract to your trade booth? Who doesn’t seem like a good fit for your brand? Who can be attracted by your services? The best way to prioritize is to sort the attendees based on intent, fit, and opportunity.

Focus on the people who seem to be the best fit for your brand, those who intend to work with you, and those who appear to be great profit opportunities. This will be your pre-event outreach process.

  • Obtain an Event Map

Try to get a map of the trade show, a list of its layout, and schedules. This is extremely helpful as it will help you to get some time for driving attendees to the exhibit systems, as well as to figure out the best time for meetings with contacts before the show. 

Numerous trade show events taking place every year with exhibitors from all over the world. This also means that there will be attendees from all over the world. While trade show companies work on the exhibition booth design, brands have should use this time and work on their attendees. Do some research on your attendees and prioritize them accordingly. This will not only increase your success rate but will also help you manage the crowd at the booth. 


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