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Exhibiting Safely Post COVID-19

The pandemic spread across the globe like wildfire, and in the blink of an eye, the whole world came to a halt. Social distancing and restrictions on gatherings led to the prohibition of events, especially exhibitions. Thus companies opted for online events, with minimal seating as precautions to carry out these events. 

Some companies have adopted a virtual trade show exhibit, but things will go back to normal at some point. However, organizing trade show events and other exhibitions won’t be the same. This raises some questions. Will exhibit systems go back the same way as they were? Will there be any significant changes? If, yes, what are they? The reason being the ripples of the pandemic will be felt even after it’s gone.

But life goes on and so do we. So as trade show companies plan a physical trade show, there is one question.

What do you keep in mind while exhibiting post-Covid-19? 

Here is an article that will help you understand how an upcoming trade show will be organized. 

  • Safety First

While the virus may have simmered down. It is still essential to make sure the attendees and staff are safe. This is to ensure not only an individual’s safety but for the group at large (quite literally). It is the responsibility of the trade show organizers to make sure that the attendees feel safe while attending the exhibition.

Before the event, companies might be required to present documents accounting for a negative test. At the trade show, temperature checks and sanitizer stations before entry are a precaution that will be applied for both the show booth staff and attendees. Maintaining social distancing and sneeze guards will limit excessive physical contact. 

At the exhibit stand, constant sanitation of trade show displays and trade show counters might be made mandatory. This is because the attendees will touch the products and the counters while at the booth. For that, make sure to assign 1-2 staff members who will constantly sanitize the booth. 

Companies that still wish to reach a wider audience can opt for having a trade show set up at multiple trade show events. However, make sure your portable displays are properly sanitized.

  • Providing Safety Equipment

Although the pandemic may be calmed down, its effects on our normal habits will remain for a year or two. So another way to make sure all the attendees and staff are safe is by providing a small goodies bag with a face mask and sanitizer with the brand’s logo. This can be given to all those who enter your exhibit stand. This ensures 2 things. One, the company has kept the attendees’ safety in mind despite the trade show organizer’s safety measures. Two, this impression of the company taking care of its attendees will create a lasting impression. Also, it will make you stand out amongst your competition. To promote the safety measures, you can provide your show booth staff with masks and sanitizers. 

  • Less Is More

Keeping the invites to a minimum is a great way to carry out a trade show safely. A limited number of people become an assurance to the attendees that the organizers have kept their safety in mind. Using QR codes and exclusive invitations is a good way to maintain the limit. Hence, this also makes sure the target audience is in attendance. Additionally, it also facilitates greater engagement with the audience as there are fewer people and more time. This will also prevent crowding. 

Before the attendees leave your trade show exhibit, you can have a QR code to download the brochure, instead of handing it to them physically. 

  • Layout

Another notable characteristic to keep in mind is the layout of the trade show. Creating a spacious layout is beneficial for easy passage, entry and exit, social distancing, and much more. A congested trade show floor and even a trade show exhibit will hinder the passage of people and might lead to crowding. The crowding will hence only create confusion. The spacing between each stall must have ample space for movement. This is also to ensure that attendees can view each stall without being too close to each other. 

We hope this article helped you gain insight into the way trade show events will take place post-COVID-19.

The pandemic has severely affected the world and changed the idea of normal for everyone. Having physical gatherings like exhibitions, trade show fairs, concerts, fashion shows, etc., will certainly see changes post-COVID-19. 

The new normal of social distancing and limited gatherings will be something trade show organizers and companies will prioritize. Although trade show events will take place the health and safety of the attendees and staff will be of priority. Nonetheless, the trade show set up on its own won’t see any shortcomings due to the extra precautions. The high standard and top-notch quality will remain unchanged.

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