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Digital Tactics for Trade Show Marketing

In today’s market, it’s all about making a perception about your brand in people’s minds. For a successful trade show experience, all that matters is having a tactic to send in your message about your brand to the people. 

The right kind of marketing for your brand for an upcoming trade show is as essential as the show booth.

Here we are to discuss some digital tactics on how you can do it better:

  • Be Early

There is a saying that the early bird gets the worm. Well, it surely is true. Before a trade show starts, especially the last month is the most crucial one. You have to be very much active on social media and leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing. Digital tactics allow you to build recognition early about your brand. Trade show companies also provide marketing on their platform that will increase the visitors. You start by email campaigning. Sending emails to the customers and new visitors who have already enrolled themselves to be present at the exhibition. You can add the booth banner to familiarize them with the brand. You can even start pre-registration when it comes to taking part in your booth games. All of this stuff will create some sort of buzz around your booth. You can also create a mascot to market your brand in the invites and social media posts.

  • It’s all about the experience

Visitors speak highly of those brands that provide a great experience to them at the trade show. Using technology will make your booth more interesting. Interacting with the audience, and using digital tactics like graphics, animation, collecting demographic information on your iPad, etc creates leads. Trade show counters a set of iPads for small games and activities or reviews will boost the number of visitors to your booth. if it’s attractive. Having the mascot at your customized booth will set you apart from others as it is not a standard looking exhibit. From trade show graphics with the mascot to stylish modular display, customers will come to your booth if it has something that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Exhibition ROI

Your exhibition success means nothing if you don’t have a proper exhibition ROI. You should create some sort of POP that will case study your event performance and will include exhibition ROI.

  • Checking-in with the audience

Don’t let your competitors have the last laugh. Check-in with the audience and keep the conversation going on after the event is over. Ask them about their experience and earn ways to follow up with them after the event. Take their contact information and turn the leads into sales.

Typically, trade show marketing focuses on the audience and targets them when the event starts. But by implementing these digital tactics you can learn how to focus on visitors months before the trade show which increases your chance of success drastically.


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