Defining your trade show booth objectives
guarantees exhibition success.

Exhibit Rentals booth designs

Define what you want to achieve from your trade show booth participation to
ensure that it delivers what you expect; may it be a small 10x10 exhibit
or a big 20x20 trade show booth

If you are a seasoned exhibitor or a first-time exhibition explorer, you would agree that you will not achieve your trade show booth objectives if you do not pre-define them. This article will help you define what you want to achieve from your exhibition participation before you explore exhibit rentals or customized booth options for your next trade show in the USA.


Defining Your Trade Show Booth Objectives Guarantees Success at the Show

Exhibit Rentals booth designs

The prime goal of any entrepreneur is to develop their business by reaching out to the maximum number of customers possible. While the process of mounting your business may be arduous, it is essential for its inclusive growth. These days, companies choose to put up trade show booths for many reasons. If you are exploring exhibit rental options for your upcoming exhibition, or even talking to booth designers to create custom exhibit displays, then it’s crucial that you set your aims first. Ensuring that you define your purpose of participation will help you determine how important the trade show is for you, how much you should spend on the trade show booth design, how many senior people need to travel, how much booth space you should buy from the organiser and so on.

Let’s explore common reasons why exhibitors participate at trade shows across the world



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Ideally, your marketing team would like to steer beyond any performance risk before the trade show. What quite quality assurance do you have to anticipate? At, we adopt a dual-stage demonstration policy. We do mockup of your display booth rentals first thenthe booth structure goes on site after thorough quality inspection for final execution.

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1. New Product Launch via trade shows booth

Trade shows are an amalgamation of the industry leaders, trendsetters, buyers and suppliers. Hence they are the ideal place to launch your new product or even showcase a prototype and get customer feedback on it. Your trade show booth is one of the most ideal locations to launch a new product to the public. For a prosperous product launch at an exhibition, keep in mind a few considerations:
a. the exhibition booth design should be appealing and attract attendees,
b. If possible keep live demonstration of products, offering free samples of products to visitors
c. Keep the product demonstration close to the aisle and not inside the exhibition booth where people cannot see it well.
d. While you can explore an exhibit rental option, try to go for a customized booth design to gain more eyeballs.

2. Generate New Leads via your trade show booth

For many companies, the whole point of being present at a trade show is to gain the maximum number of leads. These leads can convert into lasting relationships that could end up aiding your brand for years to come. We at SOL, know many companies whose 70% revenue comes exclusively from exhibitions. Let’s look at a few things that should be reflected upon if you’re heading to a trade show with the aim of generating leads:
a. Invest in a good lead capturing application for your next trade show booth
b. Create eye-catching graphics that match your exhibit rental structure to attract most visitors
c. Use technology to boost engagement
d. Explore promotional activities to increase visibility of your exhibition booth

3. Build Brand Awareness with a Unique Trade Show Booth Design

Did you know an average trade show sees 500-800 exhibitors! After 3 days of attending an exhibition, no visitor can remember more than 20-30 booth designs. So if you want to build brand awareness via participating at exhibitions, then it is very important to have a unique trade show booth designs that stands out on the exhibition floor. At SOL, we believe that your design is an extension of your brand. Even if you go the exhibit rental way, there is the possibility of customizing parts of the rental booth so that it looks trendy, unique, and most importantly brand relevant. Invest time in creating an exhibition booth design that speaks your brand values to create a memorable experience for your exhibition booth visitors.

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4. Meet Multiple Clients in 3 Days at Your Exhibition

The primary reasons why exhibitors attend trade shows and invest in setting up trade show booths, is this is the only place where they can meet all their clients within a quick span of 3 days. It is a great way of networking, keeping informed about the industry, getting new orders, showcasing new products and keeping alive old friendships. Many brands often overlook how essential it is to make their current client base feel principal and valued. At trade shows, companies can associate with their customers and let them know that they’re willing to do what is needed to keep them delighted.

Deliberate on what you can offer your clients when they visit your exhibition booth and how you can nurture the relationship you have with your clients. 

Once the trade show is over, it’s imperative that you take a record of everything that happened and see if you were able to achieve all the goals and targets that you set for yourself. Look back on where you might have made an error and see if you can correct it at your next trade show. Your exhibition participation also has a learning curve, in your first show you will learn many new things. Then in your next you will improve on them. As you travel to different convention centres also you will learn how things operate differently from city to city, state to state and definitely country to country. Strive to try and set new goals for every event and use different tactics to achieve them, but always keep a learning attitude and you will definitely get great success via your trade show booth.

Happy Exhibiting!


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