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Conversation Starter Questions for Attendees in your Trade Show Exhibit Displays

No matter how creative your trade show display design or innovative your trade show display product might be, if your show booth staff cannot engage with them effectively to rope them into the booth, all the efforts have gone down the drain.

In other words, the staff must be able to bring in attendees and make them feel comfortable inside the modular trade show booths as they talk about the brand, its products, and services. For that, they need to prepare certain questions tailored to bringing in the attendees and making them stay.

Here are some conversation starter questions for the attendees in your trade show exhibit displays.

  • Before the Attendee Enters the Booth

Your opening pitch is going to be the deciding factor for whether or not the attendee thinks you are worth the time or right. This is why asking the right opening questions.

So, you need to ask open-ended questions. While a simple “How are doing today?” may seem harmless, you won’t get anything about the attendee except “I’m fine” or at best, “Good, how are you?”. These questions will lead you to a dead end as you won’t have anything to further the conversation.

Rather, asking questions like, “What brings you to the event?”, “Which part about our trade show exhibit attracted you the most?”, “Would you like to guide you through the exhibit?”. Such questions give room for the staff to further the conversation and direct the attendees to what might interest them.

  • When the Attendee is Inside the Booth

Now that the attendee is inside the convention booth displays, you need to direct them to the highlight of your exhibit or attend them as they look around the display.

To further the conversation, avoid any yes or no questions like “Have you heard about our new product?” or “Shall I explain to you the benefits of this product?”. Such questions again become a dead end as the attendees might just refuse your help.

If an attendee enters the trade show exhibit displays and starts looking around, you need to be prepared to change your questions accordingly. While some might look at the products, others might be reading up some information on the kiosks, or some might just approach the staff.

This is why your questions must be tailored to what the attendee is interested in. For that, questions like, “What are you looking for when shopping for (product)?”, “What are your criteria for shopping?”, “Would you like to try this product?”, or “Would you like to know what’s different about this product from what’s available in the market?” make the questions personalized and attendee-centric rather than a sales pitch.

  • Before the Attendee Leaves the Booth

While you may ask the attendee to fill out a survey before they leave the trade show booth, a good way to bid the attendee is by asking them closing questions that will help you have one last face-to-face conversation. Moreover, it also sets the impression that the staff is enthusiastic about engaging with attendees.

Even if the attendees simply look around your trade show exhibit displays, you can still ask some questions to get their feedback. “Do you have any questions about the products or the brand?”, or “Do you have any specific concerns with the products?” are some questions you can ask.

While these yes or no questions might not further the conversation, their concerns might help you provide them with some other alternatives. In other cases, after the trade show ends, their answers will help you prepare for the next one.

Now, asking questions is a part of the process to gain leads and sales. However, the staff must not be overbearing. If an attendee says they are just looking around, let them look. You don’t have to follow them and keep on asking questions. If you do that, the attendees might end up leaving the trade show exhibit.

We hope this article will be helpful to you in choosing the right conversation starter questions for the attendees in your trade show exhibit displays. Remember, while you are preparing some questions, you must also be prepared to answer some questions that the attendees may have.

Tip of the Day: While you may have the prepared perfect pitch, it is all for naught if the staff lacks a sense of non-verbal communication cues or etiquette, as they will make attendees stay away from your booth. Make sure to train the staff on how to conduct themselves to create an impression even when there’s no one in the exhibit. Their body language must not be unapproachable or disinterested.

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming trade show event, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.


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