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Competitive Intelligence Tips for a Trade Show

A trade show is a B2B marketer’s best place for potential customers and profitable opportunities. However, strategies and product-selling are not the only things that can help you win in the ever-rising battling of the exhibit systems. Conducting effective efforts of competitive intelligence is key to understanding the mechanism behind the upcoming trade show and how to capitalize on their beneficial facets.

It is important to set up a trade show booth with a firm game plan in mind and these tips for competitive intelligence might just help you do that:

  • Watch the Content Later 

For a lot of trade show events today, and especially for B2B focused technology exhibitions, you can simply buy the content or get access to it after the show. It’s better to engage with attendees on the expo floor than to sit through a series of 60-minute sessions that you can simply watch later. If you’re concerned about missing the Q/A, for many B2B technology conferences these days, they record the entire session for later viewing, including the Q/A.

  • Check out the Ratios 

Once you hit the expo floor, the first thing to observe is some ratios: what’s the trade booth size relative to the staffing levels and the number of attendees for a given booth? You will observe a massive trade show set up that have tons of staff, but no one’s visiting. So obviously you can pull some intelligence insights from this type of comparative ratio as well.

  • Look at the players 

Look at who is in the trade show exhibit. Your first thought might be that the staff in a booth don’t always have their title on their badge, and you’d be correct. But today, and especially at a technology trade show, no one’s going to look at you strangely if you stand at the side of the show booth staring at your phone. While you’re staring at it, what you’re doing is pulling up LinkedIn profiles of the people that are in the exhibition booth just by glancing at the names that are on their badges.

Picturesque trade show backdrops might impress the attendees at your booth. But is these subtle, non-verbal things that will help you stand out from your competition. With the increasing technology, use ut to your advantage to have an upper hand for your exhibit stand.

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