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Mistakes Made in a Trade Show

A trade show booth set up is often considered as an investment for the company. It is a great opportunity for your company to meet new and ideal prospects, generate leads, boost sales. Be it the large companies or the smaller ones, all of them gain a lot of things which are either materialistic or abstract through a trade show. However, while planning most of the novice exhibitors at times make some common mistakes.

Here are some of them that you would like to avoid while doing the same:

The trade show is about bringing the visitors and the company closer. Visitors always like to touch the products, even if they don’t buy them. Sometimes they buy it just because they touched it. However, creating a barrier between the products and the visitors creates a gap. This can harm your brand image as it comes across as pretentious. The trade show display design must be such that it is easily accessible and visitors can see the products up close. 

The booth design is a crucial factor as it unconsciously decides the fate of your company’s success. People can at a glance decide whether or not they would visit the booth. So designing the booth is important but more important is that it should not be out of context. The booth should have colors and trade show graphics related to your brand. This creates a subconscious effect on the visitor’s mind. The trade booth display must of the appropriate size. The 10×10 booth is the smallest size available. Do your research and select the appropriate one. You can get a custom trade show display to meet your budget and design requirements.

  • Attending A Wrong Trade Show

Trade show participation requires months of hard work, planning, and a lot of resources. This is why you must have a trade show booth set up in your company’s field of profession. You are smart enough to know that if your company belongs to the medical industry. You won’t even think of participating in an automobile trade show. But what we mean is attending an “out of niche” trade show. For example, if your company is into automobile spare parts sales then attending a car trade show isn’t beneficial. 

  • Failing to Follow up with the Leads

Now you might have a trade show booth which resulted in a really good generation of leads. But a grave mistake would be to not follow up with those leads. That’s when you should be extra cautious because that’s where the real business takes place. 

These mistakes can cost you a lot of loss in a monetary sense. That’s why you should take extra measures and care to make sure they don’t happen again. With a little more research and planning, you can easily avoid these mistakes.

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