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A Trade Show Booth Design Company’s Guide to Trade Show Literature

What is one thing that every trade show exhibit will give out to the attendees visiting them, without fail? It’s the trade show literature! Some exhibitors might opt out of distributing giveaways, but there are rarely any trade show stands that don’t have out brochures or flyers.

Here’s a trade show booth design company’s guide to everything you need to know about trade show literature that is used in a stand booth.

What is Trade Show Literature?

Trade show literature refers to all the handouts that exhibitors give to the attendees when they leave their modular exhibits. These include flyers, brochures, booklets, leaflets, and so on. They contain a detailed list of all the displayed products, contact information, shop address, and other important information.

Why Are They Important?

The main purpose of handing out leaflets and brochures at a trade show set up is to provide more information about the brand and its products to the attendees. However, here are some more reasons why they are so popularly used.

  • To increase brand awareness.
  • To increase the brand recall value.
  • To provide attendees with appropriate contact information.
  • To serve as a reminder for the attendees about the brand.
  • To create a lasting impression even after they leave the booth display.

Elements of a Good Trade Show Brochure/Flyers

As a trade show booth design company that has been in the industry for over a decade, here are the important elements of trade show literature.

  • Eye-Catching Graphics

It goes without saying that if the graphics used in the brochures and flyers are attractive, the chances of the attendees picking them up after the trade show are rather less. So, the attendees have no reason to read through something that looks boring. Thus, they must have visually appealing graphics. Lackthereof can cost you some precious prospects.

  • Provide the Needed Information

While you may have an eye-catching brochure or flyer, it would amount to nothing but a piece of colorful paper if it doesn’t provide any information about the brand or the products.

The main reason why trade show literature exists in a trade show exhibit is to give attendees more details about the brand, ranging from the products to contact information. But that isn’t the end-all, the goal is to entice the attendees to buy your products. So, you must provide them with information that is beneficial to them. This includes product benefits, cost-saving features, and so on.

  • Contains CTA

Now you may have all the information mentioned above, but the brochure still lacks elements that motivate them to consider doing business with your brand. This is why you need CTA (Call-to-Action).

To get attendees to contact your business or purchase something, tell them what they need to do. Do they need to sign-up? Visit the website? Get in touch with sales representatives? Mention them as a part of your CTA so that the attendees know what to do.

The details must include some kind of contact information or link that will get them in touch with your brand.

  • Follow Brand Guidelines

It cannot be stressed enough how many exhibitors lose prospects simply because their brochures don’t correspond with their brand guidelines. Just like your modular exhibits, your trade show literature is also a representation of your brand. This is why it must follow the brand guidelines so that the attendees can associate the brand with the brochure.

Do We Need Physical Brochures?

With the increased use of technology in trade show booth, the debate of whether or not there need to be physical brochures has risen.

Another reason is also due to the environmental concern as since the trade show booth design company is creating an eco-friendly exhibit stand, should something like trade show literature be used, given the large quantities in which they are ordered? However, in the end, most of them end up in the trash.

However, given the brand recall it provides and other additional information, many brands have switched to digital brochures and flyers that the attendees can download at the stand booth. Or, the brand simply emails them the brochure. This way exhibitors can still distribute them but without handing out physical copies.

In addition, it helps the brands cut costs as they don’t have to print hundreds of brochures.

We hope this guide by a trade show booth design company helped you understand more about literature used in trade shows. Think of them as an extension of your brand and trade show booth that they take home. This way they can take their time and buy your products.

Tip of the Day: While creating the trade show literature, make sure to include the brand colors and trade show graphic theme.

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming trade show event, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.


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