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A Guide to Using a Video Wall to Enhance your Trade Show Booth Design

While fabric trade show booth walls are a norm for an exhibition booth, the technological advances have pushed trade show companies to a more innovative means to capture attendee attention. This has led many companies to invest a little more into their trade booth and install a video wall.

A video wall is a setup that consists of multiple monitors, LED panels, LED screens, or TV sets that are arranged in such a manner that they form a wall. Thus, making the whole wall look like one big screen on which videos are played. 

But why should a company spend extra something dollars to add a video wall when a normal trade show booth backdrop is easily available and affordable? Let us look into some benefits of the video wall.

  • Captivating Attendee Attention

There are numerous companies lined up side by side, working towards catching the attendee’s attention. Compared to a normal fabric or living trade show display walls, a video wall provides visual stimulation. Moreover, the massive wall can be seen from meters away and its moving graphics are quicker at catching people’s attention. 

  • Easy Assembling and Dismantling

Assembling and dismantling a video wall is easy as you just need to place the panels in the right order and plug it in. This is especially beneficial if you have to attend multiple trade show events.

  • Custom Interactive Software

To enhance the attendee experience you can install custom interactive software on your trade show booth design. The software can be anything, a game or an AI. The interactive software creates the impression that the company has put thought into entertaining the attendees. 

Although the installation is easy, there are certain elements that trade show companies need to keep in mind while using a video wall for a trade booth

  • Spatial Discernment

While designing the trade show exhibit, the dimensions of the trade show floor must be taken into account. The video wall must be within the exhibition booth and must not overshadow the rest of the booths. If the video wall is too big, it becomes a distraction that will prevent you from exhibiting your brand, its products, and services.

Spacial discernment is also essential in using the correct amount of LED screens for the best resolution for your exhibit stand

  • Font and Length of the Text

The trade show graphics being displayed need to meet certain criteria for proper comprehension. If the font size is too small, the attendees won’t be able to read it from afar. Similarly, the length of the text should not be too long that the attendees have to stand and read the whole sentence. Short phrases are easy to understand and are not time-consuming. Use the rule of the thumb that the video wall shouldn’t be more than 10 seconds.

  • Brightness

It goes without saying that the video wall will be bright. However, the problem arises when the brightness overpowers the trade booth and makes it appear ill-lit. Moreover, it overshadows the nearby exhibits. This would be a terrible move amongst your competition. 

It is important to know if the trade show will occur indoors or outdoors. If it’s the former the brightness needs to be toned down to 1000-1500 nits to prevent a strain on the eyes. However, if it’s outdoors, with the sun out, the brightness must be set to 5000+ nits. While on a less sunny day, the brightness should be between 2000-3000 nits.

  • Pixel Pitch and Resolution

The distance from the center of one LED cluster/pixel to another is called the pixel pitch. It is measured on millimeters and directly correlates to your display resolution. Thus, it is required to understand the viewing distance for the image. 

A higher pitch produces a low-resolution image and needs to be viewed from afar. While a small pitch produces a high-resolution image that can be seen even if the person is standing close to the trade show exhibit. 

  • Unified Display

The concept of the video wall is to create the illusion of one giant screen rather than multiple screens put together. Thus, keeping the pixel pitch and the size of the display in mind, trade show companies need to make sure the video to be played at the exhibition booth does not distort moving from one screen to another. 

We hope this article helped you understand how a video wall can enhance your trade show booth exhibit. Video walls have been used in trade show events for a long time. However, over the years, with technological advancements, they have become affordable. So, using them as a part of the trade show booth walls will also do the trick as they provide visual stimulation for the attendees to attract them to your exhibit stand.

Tip of the Day: Make sure the trade show has enough power outlets to install a video wall since other electronics need to be plugged in.

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