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A Guide to Hosting a Hybrid Trade Show

As the pandemic took over the world, public events, and even places where crowds are normally seen were left deserted. But this did not stop companies from holding events. Thanks to technology, the world quickly moved to the digital space. This opened the avenue for virtual events to become the new normal. From fashion shows to expos to conferences, everything has now become virtual. 

Similarly, trade show organizers have also opted for hybrid trade show events to prevent a complete halt. 

What is a Hybrid Trade Show?

A hybrid trade show is an event that combines a physical trade show attended by people with an online audience who attend the show virtually. In simple words, the attendees are present both in-person and online. 

For an upcoming trade show, follow these steps to make your exhibition booth a success. 

Before the Trade Show Event

While trade show companies prepare for your exhibit stand design or a customized booth, your company has to promote your booth. Since it also an online event, you need to implement the following elements. 

  • Registration and Invites

For the virtual attendees, you must create an online registration to keep track of the number of people attending the trade show. You can also send out personalized invites to people you especially want to attend the event. 

  • Marketing 

Just like a normal trade show, you will need to market a hybrid one too. While doing so, remember to mention all details and links about the registration. 

To attract attendees, mention the highlights of the trade show exhibit such as key speakers, panel discussions, presentations, and so on.

  • Technical Needs

Conduct a dry run before the actual trade show to make sure there is no problem in the technical department. Some of the technical needs you must look out for are internet connections at the event building, links for the show, and the equipment that will be used to broadcast the event. 

Make sure to use a high-quality camera to capture the booth display, banners, graphics, etc.

  • Reminder Emails 

A day before the event, send out reminder emails to the registered attendees. This email includes the link to join the trade show broadcast, duration of the event, time zones. You can also include a preview of the trade show display products to create the buzz. 

At the Trade Show Event 

On the day of the event, make sure to include the following things. 

  • Broadcasting the Event 

It goes without saying but make sure your event starts on time. The virtual show’s host must give a brief introduction to the trade show before the broadcast begins. Having a host ensures that all the segments of the online event have a proper flow and don’t seem jarring. 

Make sure the camera focuses on the trade show display design and the show display and not just the people who are talking. 

  • Interaction and Action Based 

As a virtual event, the interaction between the company and the attendees can be limited. This is why the host must go into detail about the show display products. 

Also, the event must have speakers, Q&A panels, presentations, live polls, etc., for the attendees to participate. This will make them feel like a part of the trade show

After the Trade Show Event 

As an exhibitor, your job is still not done. Implement the following steps to assure the virtual attendees that you value them as much as the attendees present at the trade show exhibit.

  • Surveys and Feedback

As the show comes to a close, send out a survey and feedback form to the attendees. This will help you understand where you excelled and what you lacked during the trade show. Thus, it will help you prevent the mistakes for next event. 

  • Thank You Email

Sending a thank you email shows your company’s gratitude towards those who attended the online broadcast of the exhibition booth. It also creates a good impression as it comes across as a thoughtful gesture.

  • Souveniers 

After the trade show is over, you can send the attendees a small box of souvenirs. The box could include a trade show branded mug, stationery with the company’s logo, a t-shirt, or a keychain.

We hope this article helped you understand hybrid trade show events.

If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in the industry, you will know that virtual and hybrid trade show events have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. This has led to a transition in the exhibiting and the attendee experience. This is why creating an engaging trade show for both the in-person and virtual attendees is essential. 

Tip of the Day: Create a tutorial video on how to register and access the show on the day of the event. This will save your and your audience time.

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