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8 Tips for International Exhibitors for an Upcoming Trade Show

As a brand grows, apart from exhibiting in their country, they will move to exhibit at international trade shows. But even with international trade shows, the idea is to create a good rapport with the host country’s attendees. However, being an international exhibitor can be scary especially if you don’t know how things work in another country. 

This is why here are 8 tips for international exhibitors for an upcoming trade show

  • Research

With so many trade booth displays present at an international event, apart from making a mark of your brand, it is essential that your stand booth is able to execute your trade show plans. And for that, you need to do proper research. 

You might find that the process of setting up your trade show booth or even the registration process differs from your country. This is why you need to research 

Moreover, from the cultural differences to even the weather conditions, might require you to change your exhibition booth design

Most importantly, don’t forget to look into the country’s policies on shipping, union, and trade as these are common factors many exhibitors fail to consider. 

  • Payment Method

Since the upcoming trade show in which you are exhibiting is in another country, there is a high chance that cash transactions might not be accepted. Usually, online transactions or even cheques might be the only payment method accepted. 

Also, make sure you have made bank arrangements in case your bank does not have a branch in the country. 

Ensure that you have more than one choice of payment method available in case one has some issue. 

  • Dress to Impress

Since you’re exhibiting in an international trade show, make sure the exhibit stand staff dress code is appropriate to the country’s standards. Keep in mind that what might be acceptable in your country might not as well-received in another. 

For example, while wearing printed shirts or graphic shirts might not raise eyebrows in your country, the same might not be the case for other countries. 

  • Know Basics the Country’s Language

As an international exhibitor, knowing the basics of the country’s language goes a long way to create an impression on the attendees. Moreover, it shows your company’s interest and enthusiasm to connect with the country and its people. 

  • Use the Country’s Language in the Text 

It is unrealistic to expect every attendee to understand your country’s language or even English. Thus, to bridge the gap between languages, include the country’s language along with English in your show displays. From the trade show graphic text to video captions and even product description. Not only that, make sure even your business cards contain the country’s language. 

  • Work with Locals for your Trade Booth

Given that the trade show is in another country, to get the best value for your money is by working with the local retailers, transportation company, logistic providers and so on. 

Why is that? Simple. The locals are much more well-versed with the country’s way of handling business. Moreover, they are likely to get you the best deal due to their internal connections. Thus, giving you time to focus on your trade booth’s workings. 

Also, make sure your hire translators or interpreters who speak the local language. This way even if attendees cannot speak your language, the translator can help you conduct business. Thereby, you eliminate the language barrier and increase your lead generation. 

  • Choose Smaller Booths

While a big exhibit is usually the one that catches the most attention choosing a smaller booth display for the upcoming trade show might help you cut down costs. This is especially recommended if you are on a budget. 

This is because the bigger is your trade show booth size, the higher will be your shipping charges. Moreover, this will also increase your drayage charges. 

Also, if you are participating in an international trade show for the first time, handling a bigger booth might be difficult.

  • Understand the Country’s Culture 

It goes without saying that being respectful of one’s culture is essential, especially when you are looking to set up a trade show exhibit to expand your business. 

As an international exhibitor, it is your duty to be respectful of the country’s culture and its way of doing business. Just because something is acceptable in your country, doesn’t mean that will be the same for the other countries. 

Now, although it is not expected of you, if you want to create a good impression or even grow your business in the host country, it is advised you do some research. This is especially the case for hospitality and greetings. 

We hope this article will be informative in preparing for international exhibitors for an upcoming trade show. While exhibiting internationally can be intimidating, understanding the host country’s way of exhibiting and business can help you ease some nerves and make the process simpler. 

If you need assistance in building cool trade show booths for an upcoming event, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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