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8 Crucial Steps to Ensure You Hire the Best Trade Show Booth Design Agency for Your Next Show

Planning to participate in an upcoming international trade show or exhibition? Need to select from the various trade show companies that can take care of your stand design and setup? Need an agency that can add value to your brand? Let us highlight some of the best practices you can adopt to ensure that you select one the best trade show booth design companies for your upcoming trade show. 

Here are simple steps to ensure that the agency you hire is correct for your brand:

  1. Speak to industry peers and make a list of the most recommended trade show companies by them.
  2. Do a study online about these companies, their team strength, geographic locations, and the brands that they have served.
  3. Do a face to face meeting with some agencies that you shortlist. If this is not possible, schedule a skype call with someone relatively senior in that company to understand more about the services they provide.
  4. When you meet the agency see if they ask you questions that are related to understanding your brand and its objectives for participation at the trade show. If they merely ask you about how many meeting rooms, seating areas, graphics, walls, etc, then they are only glorified carpenters.
  5. Ask the agency for 2 references of clients that they have served in the same geography as to where your exhibition is going to be held.
  6. Ask the agency for their credentials presentation and ask all the questions that come to your mind while presenting. They could be about materials, built up time, show services, lead time or stand design approach, and relevance.
  7. Once you close a deal with an agency ensure that you are connected beforehand with the person in-charge who will be there on-site during your trade show booth setup
  8. Once your exhibition booth design is executed to ensure that you have a feedback meeting where you explain to the agency the positives as well as areas of improvement for next time.

It is important to understand that while building a brand if you jump from agency to agency then you will have to explain your strategy and brand values every time. The agency will also not learn much with just one show. If you have a couple of fixed agencies then they can really understand your brand, method of participation, products on display, booth design preferences and style of working. Over a period of time, they can uplift your brand and their ideas can add value to your overall proposition at exhibitions.

If you have any questions then get in touch with us. 

Happy Exhibiting! 


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