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7 Elements of Trade Show Booth Design

When you are walking around a trade show, what is the first thing you will notice about the booths? Given the considerable distance between each trade show booth, the booth design is the first thing attendees notice. 

This is why you must keep these 7 elements of the trade show booth design in mind while creating your booth.

  • Floor Plan

While creating the booth design, you must have a complete understanding of the trade show floor plan. This will impact where everything goes, what is being highlighted, and much more. It also determines if you want a 20×20 trade show booth or a smaller one. Further, it will affect how people will move around the trade show booth, and interact with your staff. 

  • Trade Booth Theme

A trade booth without a theme will seem incoherent and directionless. Moreover, it gives the impression that the company has put together an exhibit stand without prioritizing the attendee experience. This in itself will keep attendees away from your booth. 

Choose a theme based on your show displays or your brand to give the attendees a one of a kind experience and stand out amongst your competition. For example, if you are exhibiting camping goods, you can turn your booth into a campsite.

  • Branding and Logo

As a company setting up a trade show booth will want the attendees to know about your brand and that the booth has an impact on them enough to generate sales. This is where branding and company logos come in. 

Make sure the brand name and logo are displayed in the center of the trade booth. Another way to incorporate banding is by having it printed on the brochures, flyers, booklets, giveaways. Keep these items at the front of the booth so that people can collect them as they enter and exit.

For example, if you are giving away free stationery or t-shirts, ensure that these have your brand’s name and logo printed on them in addition to the creative text or graphic. 

  • Graphics

An eye-catching and picturesque trade show graphic will do a lot in increasing footfall in your trade show exhibit. Good graphics will catch people’s attention from far away. This is why make sure the graphics are relevant to the theme of the exhibition stand. Also, ensure that the company’s name and logo are displayed in the graphics. This will help attendees know about your brand. Moreover, ensure that they are properly illuminated so that people can see them from a distance.

  • Technology 

In today’s world, no trade show or trade show exhibit can function without technology. While the staff collects attendee data on laptops and tablets, to make the process hassle-free and paperless, incorporating technology for attendees is essential in making your exhibition booth design stand out.

Using video walls, and lightboxes enhance the trade booth making it look more sophisticated. Creating special areas for attendee interaction with the help of kiosks, VR, live product demonstrations, touch screen displays, and much more, enhance the booth design

  • Lighting 

One of the most essential elements on which trade show exhibit companies focus while creating a booth is the lighting. Proper lighting can make a world’s difference in enhancing your trade booth. As exhibitors, there are certain aspects of the booth or show displays that you want to highlight, and lighting does just that. It is the most subtle yet powerful way to draw attention to your booth. Thus, it helps the company emphasize the message and displays of their exhibit stand

For example, to draw attention to the products, the lighting on these will be more powerful than the rest of the booth. 

  • Promotional Items

It is not uncommon for an exhibition stand to give out promotional items to the attendees who visit them. These help the company reinforce the brand in the attendee’s mind and provide more information about the brand. Since they can be used daily, it becomes a reminder to the attendee about your brand and promotes your company to non-attendees. 

Some common promotional items include t-shirts, USB drives, mugs, bags, stationery, and so on.  

We hope this article helped you gain insight into the elements of the trade show booth design for your next trade show

Be it a customized booth or a 20×20 trade show booth the booth design is one of the most integral aspects that help you stand out amongst the competition. Given, the number of booths in one trade show, you barely have a few seconds to catch people’s eye. This is why a poorly designed booth gives the impression that the company has not put thought into creating a good attendee experience. 

Tip of the Day: While creating an exhibition booth design keep in mind the entry and exit. If people cannot find a clear passage in and out of your booth, there is a high chance that they will walk away.

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