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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Trade Show Security

All types of events are vulnerable to threat irrespective of sizes and be venues where it takes place. Trade show companies make all sorts of booths that cost quite some money. Whether it’s a customized booth or a readymade 10×20 booth, their security is integral. Not only that, the show displays in these booths sometimes feature expensive equipment. Thus, trade show organizers have to be very cautious and serious when it comes to event security because it’s their responsibility.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when planning the trade show security:

  • Providing Safety and Security Training for Event Staff

Training the staff for the trade show exhibit event is mandatory. In case of emergencies and train them to able to identify and react to emergencies is very much important. Have a booth for security checks at the entrance before attendees can visit the exhibit systems.

  • Focus on Event Assessments

Create a trade show assessment system to calculate the risk or threat. Based on that create a security plan for the event. For example, a smaller trade show held inside a secure venue would be assessed as low-risk and your event security would be planned accordingly.

  • Implement Different Techniques for Layered Security

Don’t just be satisfied with one element of security for the event. Make sure that you implement more than one security elements like metal detectors, camera surveillance. Also, you can have ground security to survey the exhibition booth area. 

  • Caring about the Data

In today’s world, data threats are much more dangerous than guns and bombs. Trade show security also means data security. It’s the responsibility of the event planner to make sure the data of the attendees and the exhibitors are safe and secure. Use foolproof technology that will ensure data security. Event organizers must think of all the possible risks and be prepared for any situation. 

In case of emergencies, the organizers must be prepared and act accordingly. Being proactive about creating a security plan for your event is essential. This creates confidence in not only the attendees but also the companies who set up their trade show stands. Furthermore, it also increases the chances of companies setting up their exhibit booth for the following event.

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