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5 Types of Trade Show Booths in the USA

An eye-catching booth attracts crowds the way bees are attracted to honey. This is why the main thing that attracts attendees to a trade show booth is the booth design. Before the attendees even talk to your booth staff, they are going to look at your booth design. A congested booth is less likely to attract attendees because they might find it difficult to move in it. Similarly, a booth design that does not match or make use of its floor plan also has a lower footfall. 

But often, even a high-budget booth can have little to no attendees if they choose the wrong exhibition booth

Choosing the right kind of booth depends on your company’s budget and the products/services you want to display. Also, the right kind of trade show exhibit depends largely on where you will put up the stand booth. The last thing you want at the trade show is to have your booth design look awkward and out of place amongst other exhibit systems.

Are you confused about the types of trade show booths? Or simply don’t know which type of booth suits which part of the aisle? 

Here are the 5 types of trade show booths to choose from for your upcoming trade show.

  • Peninsula Booth

As the name suggests, this type of show booth is closed only on one side, while the other three are open for entry. This is commonly placed at the end of the aisle so that it can be accessed from all three sides. Usually, the closed side of the booth is placed against two other exhibit systems. This makes your booth look bigger and more accessible. However, it must be designed in such a way as to not make it look empty. 

  • Perimeter Booth

Similar to the Peninsula booth, this also has one closed side and three entry side. However, the closed side is for this is placed against a wall, rather than booths. Just like the Peninsula Booth, this also makes your exhibition booth look bigger and more accessible. Although it has only one wall, you can make the most of it with graphics, video halls, LED tiles, etc.

  • Island Booth

It truly is an island in all its sense. Accessible from all four sides, this trade show booth is used when the brand is placed outside/away from the aisle. They are not placed against any walls or beside any other booth. This type of show booth is more expensive than the rest. If you have a big budget, then this is a good option for you. The lack of walls or other booths side by side, make the island booth look spacious. The accessibility from all sides also makes it look less compact and more approachable. 

  • Inline/Linear Booth

The inline or linear booth is the most standard type of exhibition booth. It is enclosed on three sides with only one entry. The back of the booth is usually placed against a wall or a show booth behind it on the other aisle. These types of booths are typically found in rows of the aisle with other booths placed beside them. The advantage of having this booth is that it gives you many walls to showcase the products, graphics, AV, etc. 

  • Corner Booth

The corner booth, like the name suggests, is placed at the end of the aisle. They have two enclosed sides and two open sides for entry. Similar to the inline/linear booths, the back of this trade show booth is placed against the back of another show booth behind it on the other aisle.  The other closed side is placed next to another exhibition booth. This booth has the best of both worlds. On one hand, it has enough space to put up shelves for your products. On the other hand, the two entryways do not make it look congested or small. It looks spacious and accessible without looking too empty. 

If you have a big budget, a Peninsula, Perimeter, or Island booth is most beneficial for you. This is also the case if you want a big trade show booth. This is because they have many entryways and are more versatile to work with. While a Linear/Inline or Corner booth works best if you are tight on budget or simply want a small booth.

These are the most common types of booth structures used at a trade show. Trade show  design companies make modifications and enhancements to a show booth with these 5 as their foundation. While planning for the event, you must have a clear idea about the floor plan of the trade show. You must know exactly which part of the aisle you will be placed in. This will help you know which type of trade show booth you want. However, if these types of booths do not float your boat, you can always get a customized booth


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