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5 Tips for Designing Your 10×10 and 10×20 Exhibits 

You are trying a new exhibition for the 1st time. Or you are exhibiting for the 1st time in a new geography. So you select a small booth; may be a 10×10 exhibit or a 10×20 exhibit. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your small space and maximize your business. 

As a first time exhibitor, you don’t always have to learn from your own trial and error. No matter what size of exhibition booth you are building, there are always other people and companies that you can learn from.

Here are some lessons and tips for exhibitors who invest in small trade show booths

  1. Do your research: Since you have limited space you should know what your audience will walk into your trade show booth for and ensure that you have that product or solution on display. Do not clutter your booth with other stuff. 
  2. Restrict the number of people who travel: Ensure that you have a multi-talented team travelling for your trade show. Someone who can handle 2-3 kinds of products at one time will be more efficient when it comes to manning a 10×20 exhibit
  3. Focus on your exhibition booth design: Make a design that is a bit different from the rest. Small does not mean compromised, small means concise and that is what people want. Consider creating a customized booth with live walls or catchy installations. They will surely attract your audiences. 
  4. Use vibrant colours: If you do not do a customized booth design and go for one of the traditional exhibit rental options, then look for materials that are bright and vibrant. Consider placing a pink, yellow or fuschia carpet. This also breaks the clutter. 
  5. Focus on your graphics: Trade show booth graphics are one of the most important aspects for small as well as large booths. Do not make cluttered graphics that will further condense your booth. Make them wall to wall such that one graphic covers the entire back-wall of your booth. 

Your small trade show exhibit is a key to big business. Think big for making your small space effective, communicative and cosy. If you want to see some interesting booth designs for 10×10 exhibits or 10×20 exhibits see our exhibit rentals section. 

Happy Exhibiting!


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