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4 Ways to Cut Waste at Your Next Trade Show

Event wastes are now one of the major concerns for a trade show. More than a hundred trade show events take place annually in different parts of the world. This means after every exhibition there is a huge amount of waste generated. These wastes possess a natural threat to our world. Even the smallest things like using paper for the trade show display banner instead of plastic go a long way.

Here are some ways to cut the wastes and have a waste-free trade show event:

  • Include Waste Management in Your Plan

It’s the responsibility of every brand to be conscious of nature and take steps to preserve it. While working with trade show companies, brands should have waste management as their priority. It could be anything like going digital, avoiding plastic and polythene. 

Brands should pay special attention to their trade booth. Irrespective of the type of booth, ready-made 10×20 trade show booth or a customized booth, they should be mindful of the materials used to make it. 

  • Renting Zero Waste Stations

Before an upcoming trade show, get in contact with the local waste management service office and rent some zero waste stations. You can also rent compost bins and landfill bins that will make sure that the waste produced are biodegradable and won’t be harmful to nature.

Place these bins where you will store trash and near various booth display. Ask the exhibitors to separate the waste accordingly.

  • Avoid Plastic

A great way to have an environment-friendly event is by going plastic-free. As organizers, you can make a rule to use only biodegradable items at your exhibition. You can even make them sign an agreement and make sure they avoid plastic. 

Stress the use of paper or other biodegradable material. Ask the brands to have paper-based exhibit banners that can be recycled. Even the trade show booth walls can be made of wood or papier-mâché. 

  • Volunteers

Recruit volunteers to make sure that people put the waste in the designated bins. You can even hire a waste disposal team for the waste disposal area. They will make sure all waste makes it to their respective places as well as to sort out the trash at the end of the event.

Taking these simple steps will let everyone know you do take care of nature. Working towards an environment-friendly trade show might be a little tough. But it is surely going to increase your brand value and leave a good impression.

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