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4 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Your Next Trade Show

Technology has made our work very simple. From meeting our needs to doing our paperwork to communicating, with a few taps, all the work is done. Trade show events have always been a great opportunity for companies t to increase their business and create an established place for themselves in the industry. 

However, the whole process is quite complicated. From partnering up with trade show companies to selecting the booth design to write the text on exhibition banners to acquiring trade show display products

If you’re the team leader, the burden of keeping track of everything and excelling at the job only increases. But thanks to technology, you can save your time and energy.

Here are some cool mobile apps that will keep you organized for your upcoming trade show:

  • The Schedule Management App

Working a large company means difficulty keeping track of scheduled deliveries, transportation, and shifts at multiple trade show events. Therefore a mobile app that will take care of all these things is a must-have. Apps like When I Work automatically update and notify you about the scheduling, task. It also allows the staff to communicate with the managers.

  • Messaging Apps

Having a messaging app that includes all your staff, business heads, and managers is a great way of keeping in touch keep track of everybody’s work. Additionally, communicating with the trade show companies about the booth display, trade show graphics, etc becomes easier. These apps also allow you to share photos and videos. So, checking the progress of your 20×20 trade show booth becomes easier as you can communicate with personally meeting people. Apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and GroupMe are available in PlayStore or Appstore for the same.

  • The Lead Capturing App

Several capturing apps are available that you can install on your iPad. These apps don’t even require Wi-Fi or a stable data connection to work. This makes collecting data at the show booth paperless and simplified. When you are talking to customers at the trade show you can just enter all their contact details here which will be easier to access. Apps like Leadature also allow you to scan business cards, send emails to customers, and analyze metrics.

  • Visitor Engagement Apps

Now comes one of the integral apps that you will need for a trade show. Visitor engagement apps are a great way of engaging and interacting with visitors. You can do a good amount of your work through these apps, without having to talk too much. Apps like Prize Wheel and Pixel Snap will do the work for you.

All these fun and creative interactions with guests are likely to result in creating a buzz about your brand and acquiring more leads at the next trade show.

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