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8 Types of Show Displays to Include in your Trade Show Booth

At a trade show, the show displays are the main attraction of the trade show booth. While some prefer a standard display, others opt for a customized booth that allows them to customize their show displays too. But the main goal is to have a display that will immediately catch an attendee’s eye, hence, increasing your show booth traffic. 

Here is a list of the 9 types of show displays that you can include in your trade show booth

  • Pipe and Drape

The frame of this trade show booth is made by connecting hollow metal tubes at the corner and upright bases. The drapes are then laid over this structure to hide the pipe framework and separate one show booth from another. Often, exhibitors use this pipe and drape and a cover or the structural framework inside which they have their trade show pop up. While others use these to attach their trade show graphic such as booth banner and other signage. 

  • Banner Stands

Trade show display banners are one of the most common show displays used to capture attendees’ attention and attract them to the show booth. As the name suggests, these are frameworks made up of metal or plastic, or metal. All you have to do is attract the fabric on the framework.

Since they are collapsable and have motorized scrolling such show displays is that they can be easily dismantled and packed. Thus, making them ideal if you are exhibiting in more than one trade show event. 

  • Modular Displays

One of the most commonly seen show displays is the modular displays. Given their structure, these are a popular choice among many trade show booth design companies

Thus, modular displays are a set of frames and panels that create the structural framework. Like the banner stand, these can also be easily assembled and dismantled, making them easy to travel with. Moreover, they weigh half the weight of panel and frame displays. Also, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Table Tops and Table Covers

As the name suggests, tabletops are tables used to display the products. While the framework is only two to three feet tall, with the tabletop placed on it, the whole structure is approximately five feet tall. The tops are secured by velcros and magnets. Thus, giving the exhibitors enough space to put up their trade show graphic

Table covers, also known as show covers, on the other hand, are the fabric with trade show graphics used to cover the tabletop. Usually, these covers have the company logo, slogan printed on them. Thus, it uses the tabletop as a framework to show the logo in an eight-foot by two-foot space. The common size of these covers is made according to the industry standard which is 96″ length by 30″ breadth by 30″ high folding tables. 

  • Hanging Displays

True to its name, these are a booth banner, signage, AVs, and much more are suspended from the ceiling with the help of wires and cords. Available in various shapes and sizes such as squares, rings, pyramids to customized shapes, these show displays are lightweight and easily collapsible. 

  • Panel and Frame

Another popular choice of many trade show display companies in the panel and frame show displays. These are usually seen in a trade show pop-up given its easy assembly and dismantling. These show displays are made by connecting a series of panels to create a wall-like structure. Thus, increasingly used as booth walls and backdrops. Moreover, lighting fixtures can be attached to them. Also, they are available in various shapes and sizes.

  • Canopies and Graphic Tent

These show displays are widely used for outdoor trade show events. They are also called logo canopies given the company’s logo is printed on the canopy. These have a metal or plastic framework that is usually open on all sides while the top is covered by a drape. There is no standard size for such show displays as they vary in shapes and sizes according to each company’s requirement. 

  • Tension Fabric Displays

 With a metal framework, these show displays stretch the fabric to create a seamless wall-like structure. In addition, to illuminate these displays, you can attach lighting fixtures above and around the framework. Moreover, they can also be used to mount shelves and TV screens. Also, they can be customized according to the company’s requirements. Like many previously mentioned show displays, these too are easily collapsible and travel-friendly. 

We hope this article will help you select the right show displays for your upcoming trade show.

If you are still confused about which show displays to include in your trade booth, at Exhibit Rentals, we will help you find the solution.

Tip of the Day: Have a clear idea of what booth size you want as it will help you decide the number of show displays you need. 

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