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11 Innovative Ideas for Trade Show Promotional Giveaway Items

Given the huge number of exhibit systems at one event, it is difficult for the attendees to remember and keep track of each show booth they visit. This is why trade show stands hand out one last thing to reinforce the company’s name, and these are promotional items. 

But the challenge that arises is having a  promotional item that both useful and memorable. This is why we have compiled a list of promotional items that you can give out at your trade show booth

  • Sanitation Kit

Due to the pandemic, many exhibitors have adapted to the current scenario and chosen to give out sanitation kits as promotional items. This creates a good impression among the attendees as it implies that the company has taken their safety and health into consideration. Usually, this kit consists of a customized face mask, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, mini disinfectants, and hand wash. 

  • Journal

One of the most common promotional items seen in a trade show exhibit is a journal, especially a customized one. Nonetheless, they are useful and practical. Moreover, they look professional. 

Despite the technological advances, everyone has at least one journal that they use daily. Thus, a customized journal with the company’s logo will help you reinforce the brand’s name. A 5×7 inch journal is a popular size choice. 

  • Calendar

If the trade show you are exhibiting in has held at the end of the year or in January, a calendar can be a good promotional item for the trade booth. Since the new year is going to be or has already begun, many professionals will be purchasing a calendar to keep track of upcoming events. Therefore to remind them of your company all year round, with a customized calendar. 

  • Stationery

Stationery as giveaways is some of the most practical choices for a show booth. Instead of giving a single pen, invest a little more and make a stationery kit which includes pens, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, etc. Make sure that these items are customized with your company’s logo. 

  • WebCam Cover

With almost everything being digitalized, as users, we have become vulnerable to hacking. This is why many people have opted to cover their webcam. So, to show your attendees that you care about their privacy, webcam covers make an exceptional promotional item for your trade show exhibit. If you can customize it with the brand logo, it is even better. 

  • Metal Straw

As a company, play your part in saving the environment and have steel straws as giveaways on the trade show counter. This will show the attendees that you care about the environment and want your customers to have a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, it is a trendy choice among exhibitors to gain brownie points from attendees. 

  • Tote Bags

Similar to the metal straw philosophy, tote bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Moreover, they can be customized with the brand logo or trade show display product. This will market your brand when the attendees carry around your tote.

  • Gift Card

While this might be an expensive promotional item but it will certainly help you gain traffic and leads at your trade show exhibit. The amount does not have to be too much a 5$ or 10$ gift card is sufficient to make attendees feel important. 

If you do not want to give out gift cards to every attendee you can hand them to only certain people. For example, every 10th attendee gets a gift card, or the 50th and 100 attendee gets a 20$ one. 

  • Travel Cutlery Set

Although this is a rather niche item to give out, it will help you stand out amongst other exhibit systems. If you belong to the travel or food industry, this can be a viable option for your trade show booth

The set does not have to be too extravagant. A simple wooden spoon, fork, and knife with a napkin with the company logo are enough to create an impression. 

  • Portable Charger

If you have the budget, a portable charger can create a good impression on your attendees. Everyone carries a portable charger while traveling, so why not make your company’s presence known by handing out a customized one. 

  • Earphone Case

One of the most frustrating things is a tangled up earphone. So why not have earphone cases as giveaways. Although this might seem insignificant, this is a rather thoughtful gift. Moreover, it helps professionals seem more sophisticated. 

We hope this article will help you formulate your promotional giveaway package for the upcoming trade show. Although these might seem like an extra cost they go a long way in creating a lasting impression on your leads. 

Tip of the Day: Food is the way to the heart. If you feel the mentioned items will not be enough, you can always add in snacks like cookies, salted peanuts, chips, chocolate, granola bar, etc.

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